Friday, August 30, 2013

Can't believe our little guy is TWO!!!

Seriously, how did this happen?

To my Dearest Darling Son,

What an amazing year!  You have grown so much in the last year in ways I didn’t think possible for such a little guy. You continue to make everyone you come across smile.  Your smile is the biggest most contagious smile I have ever seen on any child.  No one is capable of feeling sad or upset when you are around, it just isn’t possible.  

A year ago you were still unable to walk but now you are running and running fast.  And if you aren’t running, you are jumping.  In fact you talk about running and jumping all day long. “Ready, set, go” often comes out of your mouth as you take off as does “good jump” after a leap off furniture or a stair.  You want to keep up with your sisters so much, you just don’t stop.  You try and often succeed at climbing what they climb even if it is to get to the top of a very high, steep slide. And if your sisters go down head first, so do you with no fear of what is at the bottom.  I have even caught you going head first lying on your back without any possible way to stop yourself at the bottom.  But you always pop up and go again.  If you fall you pop up, say “I’m okay” and off you go. I am pretty sure you got the “I’m okay” from Emma as that is what she says anytime she trips, falls, or bumps into a wall.  

In fact most of your words and phrases you have picked up from your sisters.  You constantly repeat what they say and it is so funny and cute even when it doesn’t make any sense.  Yelling “smart car” in the car still gets a giggle out of everyone.  Although now one of your favorite conversations in the car is about trucks. You see a truck, shout “Whoa” then ask “momma, you see it?”.  “See it?” gets used anytime you see and point out airplanes, helicopters, boats, balls, anything that sparks your interest.  Your language development has been so fun to witness the last couple months.  Everyday you put together new sentences and share your thoughts and feelings in a new way. My favorite is the “I wuv vue” I get every night when putting you to bed.  

Along with your language development has come your ability to sing and memorize songs.  We have never been good teaching you or singing children’s songs with you.  Instead you listen to mainstream radio in the car and around the house.  Daddy likes to show you music videos on You Tube and a video for the song Daylight by Maroon 5 caught your attention immediately and quickly became one of your favorites.  I often have to play the song or video to calm you when you are upset or to distract you from something.  You often demand to hear it in the car and have also started listening to it at bed time.  And every time you hear it, you sing along.  Even if it isn’t playing, you often sing it.  Another new favorite and often requested song is Thrift Shop by Macklemore but you like to call it “what what”. And of course you sing along and dance too.  I find you singing along to almost every song played on the radio, Macklemore, Maroon 5, Lumineers, if it gets played regularly, you probably know the words.

You are still my little snuggler and mama’s boy.  I love that you still want to snuggle after you wake up from your naps.  When you rest your head on my shoulder or chest my heart just melts.  I could sit like that forever and breathe you in. 

Happy second birthday to the craziest, happiest, sweetest, most lovable little blonde guy I know.  I can’t wait to see all you learn in the next year.  

I love you with all my heart.


Thursday, July 18, 2013

SIX, SIX how can they be SIX?!?!

I can not believe that it has been six years since Madi and Emma were born into this world. It all seems to be going too fast for me and I want to keep them young and small forever.  
Such great little helpers in the yard.  

To My Dearest Darling Madeline,

When you were born 6 years ago one of the nurses called you my feisty one.  As you have become more confident and wise your feistiness has grown too.  I usually refer to it as spirited.  Although at times it isn’t what I want to see or hear, it many times is mixed with humor and wit.  You are as smart as a whip and it is so fun to see you playfully tease your sister, brother, dad and me.  Nothing gets by you, and you remember everything!

Your confidence has lead you to be quite the little thrill seeker too.  It always takes you a minute to “trust yourself” and “find your brave” but once you do, you don’t stop.  You did it when we were skiing, you did it when you learned to ride your bike without training wheels, and you did it with the water slides at Suncadia and Great Wolf Lodge.  I will never forget getting you to trust yourself on two wheels.  But as soon as you did, you were grinning ear to ear and I was crying.  Crying because I was so proud of you and crying because it made me realize just how much my sweet little Goo was growing up.  

I love watching you with your little brother.  You are so sweet to him and the love you have for him just shines.  And boy does he adore you!  I know at times he can ruin your fun or break your toys but it doesn’t effect the way you love him.  

And you and Emma are still best friends.  I think you may fight a little more now, but you usually get along and have a lot of fun together.  The imaginary play is incredible to watch and listen to.  I love the way you play together.  Although you many times make the rules, you have learned to follow your sister’s lead too.  And you get excited when she has a good idea.  With Kindergarten about to start I have asked if you would like to be in class together or separate.  You two chose together but when you fight I threaten to split you up.  One morning when I said I was going to split you up, you looked at Emma then looked at me and said “but I need my sister”.  The look of concern in your eyes was real.  You two need each other, not always but you two are sisters and will forever need each other.  

This last year you were in the Five’s Program at Seattle Preschool.  That meant that you were at school everyday from 9:30-2:30.  I very much enjoyed the peace and quiet it gave me every day but I missed you.  I knew you were in a great place, learning and having fun.  I never imagined how much you would grow this year though.  The first year you went to Seattle Preschool you didn’t talk for nearly half the year.  This year you didn’t stop talking and got voted funniest kid in class by the twin boys.  Although I am not sure I like that title because it means you are goofing off instead of learning. At the same time it makes me feel proud that you have developed such a sense of self that you feel comfortable being silly and talking in class.  

I am so proud of you!  I absolutely adore you and love you.  Thank you for still wanting to crawl on my lap and snuggle even if your brother tries to push you off.  I will always snuggle you.

I Love You,


To My Dearest Darling Emma,

Wow, you have grown up.  You love to wear your hair in a pony tail and it makes you look so grown up.  It shows off your beautiful face and it makes you look like a big kid.  And a kid you are.  You exude everything that is kid.  You are easy going, yet play hard.  You really just like to have fun and are so sweet and happy about it.  When I think of you I see a vision of you smiling, skipping, just at peace with being a kid.  You like to try new things and are usually the first one to succeed.  Things come naturally easy to you and you just run with it.  I love watching you when you are engaged in physical activity, it is such a natural state for you.  

Although sometimes your mind seems to be wondering and you seem to lose focus, you really do pick up on things fast.  The things you learn and share are amazing.  You have an amazing memory and love to learn.  You also love to share.  You enjoy telling everyone just about anything.  Your coaches, your teachers, your friends, you tell them the greatest stuff about yourself and what you know.  You are genuinely excited to share  with them.  

You do an amazing job sharing and teaching your little brother too.  He adores you and I know just how much you adore him.  When you aren’t with him, you like to talk about him and all the cute things he does.  

You are still best friends with your sister.  I truly believe that you two will always be best friends.  You are still her biggest cheer leader and light up when she succeeds.  You have also become more competitive with her but it is usually in good fun and neither of you stay mad for long.  Madi likes to be the leader and lately you have begun to share your voice and share your ideas more too.  It is fun to watch you two take turns.  Usually in public or around a big group you are the one to step forward and Madi follows your lead. I am proud of the leader you are becoming and very proud that you are able to sit back and easily let others lead too.  

This year in Seattle Preschool, you were in the Five’s Program.  There were only 9 kids in the class and you were friends with all of them.  But especially with the boys.  Somehow you showed the boys in your class how cool girls can be.  You are just a cool girl and a lot of that comes from your daddy and being daddy’s little girl. Because you are still and will forever be daddy’s little girl.  

I am so very proud of the kid you are and the big kid you are becoming.  It breaks my heart that you are growing up so fast, but I know you will forever be a great kid.  

I Love You,
LOVE that they still snuggle and fall asleep on each other.  


Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Tuesday afternoon we took off to Suncadia for a couple days.  It is sort of a smaller version of Sun River, OR only about an hour away instead of 6.  The weather was fabulous and hot.  When we got there our room wasn't ready so we headed over to the pool.  The pool set up was perfect and way less crowded than the SHARC in Sun River.  There was a great kiddie pool for Ben to splash around in, a great large pool for everyone to swim and even a couple water slides inside that the girls loved!  Madi would disappear and ride the slides for what seemed like hours.  Ben got so comfortable with the water that he attempted jumping in the big pool all by himself.  Thankfully, I was right there and was able to grab his arm.  Tuesday night Chad took the girls over to the kids' camp and we sat out on the patio of the lodge and enjoyed the view with Ben.  Wednesday we took a little bike ride along the miles and miles of bike trails.  We didn't go miles and miles because it was hot, but we could have.  We had so much fun that on Thursday when it was time to go, we ended up staying a little longer.  At first it was leave at noon, then at 2, then in and hour, and we ended up leaving at 5.  By the time we got home, ordered and ate pizza, it was time for bed and there was no sign of it being the Fourth of July for us.

Such an amazing view of the Cascades.

These two passed out after swimming while we were getting ready for dinner!

Once he figured out the life jacket, this kid turned into a fish.

Chilin' with Dada

Chad took the girls on a morning bike ride.
And they got ice cream before 10:00.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Secret Beach

Sunday afternoon we went down to Nana and Papa's to hang out and have dinner with Uncle Joe while he was in town.  Then the kids and I stayed the night and went out on Papa's boat with everyone on Monday.  Kendra and Aran came down, Papa put out the crab pots and we all go to soak up some sun on Secret Beach.  Secret Beach is a little beach near where Papa puts in the boat.  It is a great sandy beach with great sun exposure and the easiest way to get there is by boat, so it isn't crowded at all.  The kids had so much fun playing in the very cold water and sand.

This water is so cold, but it didn't stop Ben from having fun.

Lighting sparklers in honor of the first day of crabbing season.

Relaxing and floating

Playing in the sand

Goof Ball!!!!

Three little goof balls.

Three middles enjoying ice cream on the dock while the big kids check the crab pots.

Sunday, June 30, 2013


During the school year, Madi and Emma did a transportation unit.  One day their assignment was to look for a smart car, a taxi, and a scooter on their way home.  It just so happens that there are a ton of smart cars parked alone our route.  It ended up to the point that the girls shout out "smart car" like we used to shout out "slug bug".  Basically, "smart car" has become the new modern, Seattle version of "slug bug".  Then one day Ben started shouting "smart car" too.  Although, I don't think he understands the game.

On Saturday we went to Magnuson to swim and there was a smart car parked right next to us, so I tried to get a picture of the kids with it.

Saturday, June 15, 2013


Last weekend was the Seattle Preschool Camping Trip to Lake Kachees.  This year we only went with a few families from the 5's program.  We had beautiful weather so we decided to take everyone along, that means Ben and Papi too.  We ended up taking two cars so that we could take bikes and all our gear. Ben and I slept in the back of the Sequoia while Chad, the girls and Papi camped out in the tent.  Getting Ben to sleep was a bit of a challenge.  I couldn't just lock him in the truck.  Thankfully, I brought the stroller and after a lot of walking around, milk, and white noise from my phone, he passed out and was easily transferred into the truck when I was ready for bed. Overall, it was a great trip.  The kids all had a blast and Papi was in heaven.  There was a lot of playing, a lot of eating and a lot of dirt!  Camping is dirty!

The water was freezing but that didn't stop all the kids from splashing and playing.

Papi was a hit and got a lot of attention.

Shuckin' corn

Madi and Emma racing the boys.  

Thursday, June 13, 2013


On June 12, the girls had their preschool graduation.  It is hard to believe that three years of preschool is complete. The girls have grown so much in so many ways it is unbelievable!  Teacher Julie and her programs have been amazing and taught the girls so much.  Madi has learned so much that at circle time she would say to Teacher Julie "I already know that" when Julie was trying to share something with the class.  Definitely not the same Madi that didn't speak at all during the first few months of school when she started.  It was tough to say good bye but Ben will be there in another year.

For their graduation ceremony they say a song in French, told a story in French and sang "The Fifity Nifty United States".  It was super cute and very impressive for five year olds.
My name is Emma and I'm ready for Kindergarten!

My name is Madi and I'm ready for Kindergarten


I think it is time for the resurrection of this blog.  Not only to share with others but to help me remember these times with my kiddos before I completely forget.  Everyday I look at the three of them and am in awe of the things they do and say.  I want to remember these times and I do not have the brain power or memory skills to do it on my own.

As of today, June 13th Madi and Emma have graduated from preschool and Ben is quickly approaching the ever so wonderful age of 2 full of all the will, stubbornness and independence that comes with it....

So the other morning, I was busy making lunches, the girls were watching cartoons and Ben was quietly playing in the living room.  Ben is very good at playing by himself and usually doesn't get into too much trouble.  Not so much the case on that particular morning.  He came walking into the kitchen with a blue marker in his hands.  I looked at him and not surprisingly he had marker all over his hands, arms and legs.  Okay, no big deal.  I looked around the living room quickly and didn't see any other blue marks.  The morning went on, we were getting ready to go and I took the girls' lunch boxes into the living room to put them by the door.  That is when I saw Ben's masterpiece.  He took that blue marker to the couch, the window sill and even the window itself.  And boy was he proud of himself.  Thankfully it is all washable!

My budding artist

His masterpiece