Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Walk in the Park

Happy Fall! On Tuesday, we got together with Jackson and Brody for a walk at Discovery Park.  It was a beautiful fall day and an interesting walk.  I didn’t have a stroller and the girls weren’t really into walking much.

IMG_8338-1 IMG_8341-1 IMG_8345-1 IMG_8375-1IMG_8370-1  IMG_8386-1

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Do The Puyallup

We hit the Puyallup Fair with Emerson again this year and this year Lyla and our boys Jackson and Brody came too. It was a perfect day for the fair. We went on a Tuesday so it wasn’t very crowded, it was a little overcast and it was a day when the rides were cheap. After walking around, checking out a few animals, we made our way over to the rides. Emma was over the moon excited to ride every ride. Madi was excited until it was her turn to get on. She managed to get on a few and with each one her confidence grew. By the end of the day she was having a blast.

IMG_8050-1 The girls first fair ride. IMG_8066-1 The girls discovered if you pulled on the handle, the rocket went way up in the air.IMG_8100-1 Emma and Jackson cruising down the river.IMG_8106-1 IMG_8127-1 No hands! IMG_8147-1 Emma, Emerson and Jackson are sitting in the front. IMG_8202-1 Jackson driving away with Madi, on their first dateIMG_8209-1 Brody and Emma heading down the road.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First Day of Big Girl Preschool

The last three years, the girls and I participated in some wonderful co-op preschool programs. We had a great time learning and playing together but it was time to move on. This year the girls started at Seattle Preschool where they get to go without me. They go to school Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week and get to enjoy an hour of gymnastics each day as well. It is bitter sweet for me; it means they are growing up and becoming more independent, but it also means I get some “me” time.

IMG_7962-1 Emma’s excitement about starting school.IMG_7976-1 Of course it was pouring down rain for their first day.IMG_7984-1 IMG_7988-1 IMG_7994-1 IMG_8002-1 Walking into schoolIMG_8008-1 They got settled pretty quickly and had a great first day.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Road trip #2

This time Momma was allowed to come too. We took the girls to Vancouver, Canada for Labor day. We took off Sunday morning, enjoyed the drive up and checked into our hotel downtown near the waterfront. After getting settled we walked over to the Vancouver Aquarium. The aquarium was packed, but we managed to see some great stuff. Right as we got there, they announced they were about to start the dolphin show. The girls and I found a prime spot for watching and daddy got us ice cream. The dolphin show was amazing! Daddy and I had the girls on our shoulders so we weren’t able to take any pictures. The dolphins were jumping out of the water right in front of us and about 10 feet away. Madi was cheering louder than I have ever heard her. I can’t wait to take them to Sea World some day.

IMG_7872-1 Ice cream cheers!

IMG_7911-1 Waiting for the dolphin show.

IMG_7914-1 IMG_7931-1 Watching the beluga whales.IMG_7939-1 IMG_7942-1 Walking back to the hotel.

IMG_7955-1 Emma and Daddy