Monday, March 30, 2009

Playing Outside

I have tried to take every opportunity to get the girls outside to play when it is possible (a little tough in the NW).  Yesterday, I took the girls to the park in the afternoon, they were cranky and needed out of the house.  While we were gone, Daddy cleaned up the back yard and set up the play structure/slide thing we inherited from the cousins.  The girls love it.  We even took the computer outside to Skype with BB so she could watch them go down their new slide.IMG_8398_edited-1

Madi loves the swings, and yes, Elmo made it to the park with us.  IMG_8450 

Emma loves the slides, unfortunately the slides and swings aren't super close.


IMG_8491 IMG_8506 IMG_8521

The girls Skyping with BB on the bench in the backyard.IMG_8535

Madi is giving BB a kiss.  She actually kisses the little camera.  It's super cute.  IMG_8512

On the new toy, it's a hit.

This morning I took the girls down to the community center by our house in hopes of having a little indoor playtime away from home.  As soon as the girls got out of the car they saw the big play structure behind the center and watched a little boy run straight for it.  Before I could stop them, they were off running right behind him.  Turns out the building was closed and since we were there, I let the girls play for a while.  We were prepared for indoor play, but not the outdoors; we had no jackets and the girls were wearing dresses.   Thankfully they had on hooded sweaters and baby legs to give them a little warmth.  I don't think they cared too much, but I was freezing.IMG_8558_edited-1

Getting our shoes on.IMG_8566

Scooting down the front steps.  They love going to and from the car all by themselves.

IMG_8573_edited-1 IMG_8578_edited-1 IMG_8604_edited-1

Emma climbing the rope ladder.  Not an easy thing to do at any age, but she was determined at 20 months.  She is the adventurous one.IMG_8655_edited-1 Playing peek-a-boo in the backyard while Madi was still napping.IMG_8661_edited-1

Saturday, March 28, 2009

First Year Blog Books

A long while ago, I started creating a book of the girls' first year of life using the posts from our blog. I finally finished them and got them ordered. They arrived two weeks ago and I am so pleased with how they turned out.

Bookworms and artists

The girls still love their books.  The other day they sat down together on the door mat and started reading to each other.  I should have gotten the video camera out, it was really cute listening to them make up the stories in their little language.

IMG_8303 IMG_8301 IMG_8315 IMG_8331 

The girls love to color.  I decided to see how they would do with markers.  The only markers besides Sharpies we have are hi-lighters. Madi enjoyed painting her face bright yellow.  IMG_8341 Click on this one to blow it up and get the full yellow effect, in her mouth, above her lip and in her ear. 

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Movin' On Up

Last night Daddy put the girls to bed then came down stairs and asked if I could remove the toddler rail from the cribs.  Emma discovered she could stand on it and climb over to the other bed.  So instead of removing just the rail, we took apart both cribs/beds completely and put the twin mattress in their room instead.  Now the girls are sharing a big girl bed and LOVE it.  IMG_8267 IMG_8272 IMG_8273

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Oh, I'm in trouble


Emma heading south down the sidewalk


Madi heading north.

Yesterday after school we came home and I got the girls out of the car.  They love climbing up the front steps all by themselves.  I had my camera with me so started taking pictures and then they decided to go for a walk, in two different directions.  I have a feeling this will occur more frequently over the next few years.  (Thankfully, they aren't that fast yet and the camera makes them look a lot further away then they really were.) 


Emma climbing the front steps, such a big girl.


Madi had so much fun bouncing on the zebra at Amy's on Wednesday, she let us take it home for a while. 


Madi has some of the greatest expressions.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Two Sets of Twins

No, we are not expecting another set.  My very brave and wonderful friend Amy agreed to watch the girls while I observed a student teacher yesterday.  She has a set of boys who are 6 months older than the girls.  Yes, that is 4 toddlers running around.  Thankfully they had a great time and didn't freak out.  Amy got some great shots of the girls playing with their Boyer boyfriends.  Thanks again, I owe you. 


Madi and Brody playing so nicely at the table.


I want to know what kind of baby crack these kids are watching.  They never sit this still.


Just sitting on the couch (dog bed) checking my e-mail and having some milk.


Snack time, look how these 4 sit so nicely at the table.  Amy has the magic touch.


But when she isn't looking, Madi shows Amy her new trick, standing on tables.  If Madi is at your house, keep all chairs pushed in. She is fast and so proud of her ability. 

And yes, my kids are in their pajamas.  I don't know how working moms do it; get themselves and two kids ready, drop off at daycare and then get to work on time.  I failed, and left my kids in their jammies and gave them breakfast on the road. 

Monday, March 9, 2009

Fun at the Park and Bye to Nana and Papa

Wednesday afternoon the girls were a little restless and whiney so Kendra and I took them down to the park near our house.  It was a fun little distraction before dinner, bath and bedtime.  IMG_8048 IMG_8050 IMG_8092 IMG_8069 IMG_8065

Nana and Papa are heading to the desert for 2 1/2 months.  They leave Thursday morning, stop in Palm Springs to see Uncle Gene and then off to Scottsdale until the end of May.  We went down on Saturday for dinner to celebrate Uncle Ryan's birthday and say good bye.

P1000084 P1000087 P1000059 P1000079 P1000072

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Another Sunday Stroll

We got up this morning and took the girls and Papi for another hike in the woods.  This time we went East to Twin Falls.  It was a little tougher than last week's, but definitely fun.

IMG_7966 IMG_7977 IMG_7980 IMG_7983 IMG_7994 IMG_7999 IMG_8014 IMG_8018 IMG_8025 IMG_8035