Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A slow week

I know I am usually updating this thing every other day or so, this week has just been slow. It must be the gross weather we are having here in the NW. For every week of sun we get we have to have a week of grey skies, I guess it's just how it goes.
Let's see, this week Emma took a few steps. Only 1 step on three different occasion. We're getting closer. Madeline will free stand for minutes (I'm serious) at a time but shows no interest in trying to take a step. She did finally discover the lion and she will walk behind that. But let's remember that all this non walking stuff is absolutely fine by me, I am afraid of what two little runners will do to me.

We ventured over to Ballard on Saturday for the Seafood Fest. I forgot the CF card for my camera so I didn't get any pictures. It was okay, not very big. We were done walking around in under an hour.

The basement shower decided to sprout a leak on Tuesday night. Or at least show us that it had been leaking. After a phone call to Papa, and some rigging with a water bottle and painter's tape we were okay until I could call someone in the morning. Thankfully we still have a good relationship with the handyman who helped build our house and he was able to come over and take a look. After taking the thing apart he ran out to the plumber store and returned with a new part. Put the thing back together and we are as good as new. The good news is that because it was in the basement, the water inside the wall just ran into the dirt under the house. No water damage to the walls or floor. Isn't home ownership fun.

Here are a couple pics from the last few days.
Papi really is a pretty dog and has calmed down a lot since turning two.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Da da

Da da was gone all week on business and arrived home today around noon. He spent some time in his office working and Emma found him. She stood at the door yelling "da da". It was too cute.

A little blury, but so cute. She loves her Da da.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

One Year Stats

The girls turned one on the 18th but we couldn't get into see Dr. Dudas until today. So here are the latest statistics.

Madeline weighed in at 17lbs, 8oz. She is 27.5in tall (long). She is still small at about the 3rd percentile meaning 97% of one year olds are bigger than her. But she is healthy and doing very well. Still not walking, but that is okay with me.
Emma weighed in at 18lbs, 2oz. She is also 27.5 in tall. Emma hit at about the 10th percentile and is also very healthy. Also still not walking, again this is okay with me.

We finally get to switch off formula, YEA!!!! That stuff is so expensive and to think that we have been on it for a year. Hopefully, we will notice the change in our grocery bills. I haven't let them try to feed themselves with a spoon yet, but think I may start in August. They love to feed themselves finger foods, especially waffles in the morning with some strawberries and bananas on top. Getting them to eat veggies is where we have to get creative. They love soup, so I strain out the broth and give them all the veggie chunks. They also love garden burgers and spinach pancakes. The sweet potato fries and pancakes are also a big hit. Auntie Katie introduced them to the strawberry whirl Jamba Juice. It's made with strawberries and bananas and they LOVE it. I also think it feels good on their gums cause it's cold. Not something we want to turn into a habit, but nice to know when we are out and about a smoothie will distract and feed.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Just a quick one

I was too exhausted to give the girls a full bath tonight, so I threw them in the kitchen sink for a quick wash after dinner. Here are a few pics I got of Madeline. She has so much fun splashing around.

I had a hard time catching Emma with the camera, she just wanted to stand up and had to be put back on her bottom. The girl already has enough bruises on her face, she doesn't need anymore from the granite. She has become so rough and tumble.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Beautiful Day for a Celebration

We celebrated the girls birthday today with family and friends. It was a beautiful day to have everyone over. The girls had a great time and loved their cakes.
Auntie Kendra made them party hats.

They loved playing with their new table.
Ladybug butts drive me nuts! Nana got the girls these outfits, they are too cute. I am sad they will outgrow them someday soon.

Daddy was in charge of the cakes and mommy was in charge of the cupcakes. All were a big hit.
Make a wish!

Emma dove right in.
Madeline wasn't too sure and went in slowly with her mouth wide open for a little taste.
What a mess!
Clean up was a two man job.

Gotta love having a large kitchen sink.

Martha would be proud

I wanted to do a ladybug theme for the party but couldn't figure out a cute way to do the cupcakes. After some time I had an ahh hah moment and thought Starbursts. So Thursday night I turned Starbusts into ladybugs. I am very proud of my Martha Stewart moment.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Our Babies Turned One! Wow, what a year!

Happy Birthday Girls! Daddy decorated their room so when they woke up they had a surprise. He is such a good daddy.

I can't believe how fast this year has gone. I still look at Madeline and Emma and can't believe I am their mother. And then look again and can't believe what little people they are turning into everyday. They are no longer my tiny little infants, they are children with their very own strong personalities. We are having so much fun with them, I can't begin to put into words the sheer joy they bring us. Everyday I think to myself how lucky we are to have twins, and such beautiful little girls at that.
The minute the girls were born, Chad turned into more of a father and husband than I ever could have imagined or hoped for. He is so good with the girls. They absolutely adore their daddy. They light up when he comes in the room or gets home from work. It melts my heart every time I see him playing with the girls. Thank you Chad for being the most amazing father this past year. I couldn't have done any of it without your love and support. Here's to many more amazing years with our beautiful daughters.
Madeline then

Madeline now
Emma then

Emma now

Dear Madeline Sophia,

You are my first born girl, born at 8:28 am on July 18th 2007. I remember laying in the operating room with a sheet up across my chest so I couldn't watch the doctors, when all of a sudden I heard you crying. I was awe struck with the thought that I was your mother and you were my daughter. They wrapped you up and one of the nurses brought you right up to my face so I could get a quick look at you. It was love at first site. You were a tiny little peanut weighing in at 4lbs 6oz. But that tiny little body didn't hold you back. You were a fighter from the beginning, breathing on your own and working hard at eating. At one point you were laying on my chest when all of a sudden you lifted your head, turned it and laid it back down. The nurse and I looked at each other in amazement and the nurse said"she's not supposed to be able to do that". So small, yet so strong. When we finally brought you home after 21 days in the hospital, you grew with leaps and bounds. You surprised me with rolling over when you were only 8 weeks old, although I am not sure you meant to cause you didn't do it again for a few months. You began crawling with little effort and were on the move in no time.

I can already see that you are an independent, strong willed little girl. You take time to figure things out and try, try, try again when things are tough. You are so happy playing in the living room all alone with your toys, yet you still love to rest your head on my shoulder when you need some love.

You look so much like your daddy, it is hard to tell your baby pictures apart. Although, you have the most striking, piercing blue eyes. And with those baby blues you look out into this world with such intensity and curiosity. You have the most contagious little laugh, you light up a room when you get giggling. And you entertain us all when you talk with your little gremlin voice, and say "mama".

My two favorite times of the day are when I come in to get you and Emma up in the morning and when I check on you two sleeping at night. In the morning you greet me with the worlds largest smile, showing me all 8 of your little teeth. You hold onto the crib and softly bounce. When we walk out of your room and head towards the stairs you get even more excited. I hope you greet everyday of your life with that kind of excitement. At night when it is time for bed, you hold on to your little lamby blanket so tight and snuggle up for a good nights rest. Without lamby at bedtime, you are lost. But before long you are fast asleep and I get to sneak in and watch you for a few minutes. I wish I could freeze those moments in time. You are so innocent and peaceful.
I love you with all my heart.

Dear Emma Jenkins,

You are my sweet second born girl, born at 8:29am on July 18th, 2007. With the second born status you are more patient. The doctors delivered your sister and you patiently waited until it was your turn. You came out feet first and took a moment to pee on me before you did anything else. It took you a second to cry, which was a little startling but you were okay and with a little squirt of oxygen your lungs were healthy and strong. When they wrapped you up and brought your little 4lb 11oz body to me I was speechless, you looked nothing like your sister. It was quite apparent that you two are fraternal and already were two very unique individuals. From the beginning you were our strong little eater, following your schedule of eating and resting. You spent 19 days in the hospital and were able to come home all by yourself. It gave us two nights alone with just you and we were able to ease into learning how to do it on our own.

From the moment we brought you home you showed us that you had the patience of a saint. So often you were the second to get fed, or to be changed and you would just sit there so peacefully waiting for your turn. You were such an easy baby. You learned how to soothe yourself with your thumb and haven't let go.

As you have grown over these last 12 months your fun, wild and very active side has shown through. While I was pregnant, you were always my mover and shaker, and slowly it began to show again. You could spend hours no matter how tired you were jumping in your jumparoo and exersaucer. Before you could stand you would thump your legs over and over in your crib laughing away before you finally fell asleep. Now you stand in your crib and jump, not bouncy, but jump with both legs for hours. You jump whenever and wherever you can.

We call you our little happy jack, you are always happy and ALWAYS have a smile on your face. You have the world's largest smile, you smile at everyone and make their day. Your daddy loves to make you smile even when you are upset. Your daddy tells you all the time to keep smiling like you do everyday and your life will be a happy one.

You have a natural sense of serenity and peace that I have never seen, and at the same time a strong desire to explore and learn. You love to discover new treasures in drawers, cupboards, baskets, bags, and anything else you can dig in.

You get so excited about what this world has to offer you, so excited you scrunch your nose in delight. You peek at it through your long curling eye lashes with such wonder and amazement. You are a little ham, and love to be social. You are also Mama's little girl. Watching me, waiting for me and when you are tired, reaching for me to comfort you. I hope you will always stay by my side. Keep smiling pretty baby.
I love you with all my heart.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My oh my, time flys by

One year ago this morning I was working on my 21st day of hospital bedrest. After my 14th ultrasound Dr. Faulkner was ready to see if the girls were healthy enough to join us in this world. I got up early and was wheeled down for one last ultrasound and amnio to check the girls' lungs. That was not fun, I had a 9 inch needle poked into my belly twice! Then rushed back up stairs for one last meal, or what I thought was going to be my last meal. The lungs checked out and Dr. Faulkner called the OR to see if she could squeeze me in that afternoon. Well, the OR was booked so she put me on the books for 8am Wednesday morning the 18th of July. I remember calling Chad and telling him we were having our babies, and also to hurry up with my lunch thinking it would be the last thing I ate for 24 hours. Luckily because I ended up being scheduled for the following morning, I was allowed to eat dinner as well. Chad and I both took a few deep breaths and tried to wrap our minds around what the near future held for us. I don't think either of us were prepared for what it has become. I sent Chad home that night to get a good night sleep and I too with the help of some ambien snuggled in my oh so comfortable hospital bed for one last night of rest.
Kiersten pregnant with Molly born July 29th, and me with the girls in my hospital room on July 7th, 2007. Kiersten was 4 weeks more pregnant than me and clearly had a smaller belly. Wow, amazing that I can't remember what it felt like to be that big. I still imagine it being a wonderful thing, but know in my head it was impossible to get comfortable.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Sam

Our friend Sam turned one on Friday so we went and celebrated Saturday afternoon. It was a beautiful day, and the girls had fun. Daddy even had a chance to jump in Lake Washington.

The girls playing with the birthday boy.

Our first bouncy house.
Emma was busy making new friends.
The birthday boy getting ready to blow out his candle.
Mama and Emma sitting in the sun.
Daddy sharing some ice cream with Madeline.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Home again, home again, jiggety-jig

I know it's been two weeks since our last post, but we were on vacation. And what a wonderful vacation it was. We left on the red eye Thursday night heading for Boston. The girls slept the entire flight and were great little travelers. Once we landed we headed to Duxbury to see grammy BB. She took us to Duxbury beach for our first real beach experience.

Duxbury Beach

Emma loved finding BB's shells

Uncle Jake came down to join us for our first lobster dinner of the week.

On Saturday morning we packed everything up again and headed to Martha's Vineyard with the Fraziers, Bartletts, Hitchins and Andy and Jill. Grammy BB dropped us off at the ferry and the Fraziers piled all our belongings into their car.

The girls' first ferry boat ride.

Once we were on the vineyard we spent a wonderful week playing on the beach, hanging out on the beautiful deck and playing with our friends. We rented a great 5 bedroom house just outside town. We were able to walk into town for lunches, and hit some great beaches near by. We ate like kings every night, as each couple took turns preparing a meal. The last night was the 4th of July so we enjoyed a great lobster bake and watched the fireworks in the distance. The Garretts came over to the island and joined us for the day. It was great to spend some time with them, Nate and Zoe are such fun spunky kids. Little Reed is our little brown eyed boyfriend.

Many hours were spent on this wonderful deck.

Watching the ships sail by.

At lunch in Oak Bluffs

State beach, with great big fun waves.

Playing with Lucy on the deck

BB came over on Wednesday and stayed the night.

State Beach on Thursday, splashing around with daddy.

The Bartlett family enjoying a breezy day at State Beach.

The little lady bugs exploring with Lucy.

Madi going in for a kiss. Watch out Lucas.

Chad with an 11 lb. lobster at a fish market in Menemsha.

4th of July

Happy 4th from the Bordens.

The girls with Reed, he has the biggest brown eyes I have ever seen, such a cutie.

Yummmm, lobster. Starting them early.

Our 4th of July feast.

Our time ended on the Vineyard on the 5th so we headed to Westport to spend a couple days with Grampy and Grandma Jeffie. On Sunday we spent the afternoon with the entire Borden Clan at the boathouse and enjoyed another Lobster bake. The girls had fun hanging out with their second cousins Meredith, Amanda, Andrew and Peter. It is always fun to see that side of the family.

Pulling lobster pots with Grampy. Just like pulling crab pots in the sound, only the catch tastes a lot better.

Too small, oh darn.

Madi was in a great mood. It must be from all the fun she had with the other kids.

Emma playing with Amanda, Meredith, and Little Peter.

All the kids.

Grandma Jeffie and Madeline winding down.
Monday morning we packed up once again and headed back to Duxbury to spend one more night with grammy BB. We also got to spend some time with Susie Romanski and her daughter Kate, Susie is BB's cousin and greatest friend. That evening we took the girls up to Fenway to see their first Boston Red Sox game (thank you Fraizers for the tickets). The heat and humidity were ridiculous so we only lasted 4 innings, but the girls did great considering and the sox won.

BB reading the books from Susie.

Tuesday evening it was time to head home. The girls did amazingly well with all the traveling and sleeping in new places. They saw many new faces and adjusted right away to their new surroundings. Twelve days away from home is a long time. We couldn't have asked for anything more.

Also while on vacation the girls made some new developments. Emma came out of her little shell and is now little miss talkative and social. She talks all day long and has a crazy loud voice. Both girls started saying "mama". They also both started practicing balancing more on their own, it won't be long before the first steps are taken and my world changes once again. Playing with Lucy Frazier encouraged the girls to move a lot more and a lot faster. Lucy is a few months older and is on the move. It was so much fun watching the three girls interact all week. Baby Lucas is still a little young to join the crazy fun, Madi would have clobbered him.

Emma trying to figure out how to put sunglasses on.