Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Who needs toys

We received a package from BB last night and were told to open it.  The contents were packaged very nicely in packing paper that turned into about 30 minutes of fun for Madeline.IMG_5644

Reading her book while laying in the paper. 

 IMG_5667  IMG_5675 IMG_5674

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Round 3

Round three of the snow hit last night.  We got between 4 and 6 inches I would guess.  It is beautiful.  It started around 3 yesterday afternoon and continued well through the night.  Tim came and picked Chad up yesterday just before 4.  He went to stay the night downtown so he could get to the Seahawks game today.  (Yes, he had my blessing, the girls and I are fine.  It is just snow)  He said downtown was crazy last night.  The roads were covered with a couple inches.  It is rare for downtown Seattle to get an accumulation of snow.  I haven't taken the girls out yet, but Papi and I stomped around a bit.  IMG_5626 IMG_5599 IMG_5607 IMG_5625IMG_5613

Goo woke up last night around 9:30 so I brought her to bed with me for a little while.  Chad sent me a text message which brought her attention to my phone and she of course had to play with it.  She took the phone and slid off the bed and started walking around with it.  Next thing I knew, she was laying on Papi's bed with him.  It was super cute.  I went and got the camera and waited for it to happen again, which it did.  They are too cute.IMG_5571 IMG_5578 IMG_5580  IMG_5587 IMG_5595

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Winter Wonderland

We got more snow during the night so before the girls went up to take a nap I took them out to play in the snow.

IMG_5496 IMG_5489 IMG_5516 IMG_5523 IMG_5534 IMG_5544 IMG_5526 IMG_5549

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Here we go again...

Last night it was Emma's turn to entertain us at night.  The girls went to be around 6 and I don't think Emma ever fell asleep.  At 9:00 she was still whining so Chad went up and got her.  She came down stairs and had the happiest little smirk on her face, I could just hear her saying "hah, it worked".  She wiggled her way off daddy's lap and stood there between the two couches.  She looked at me and shook her head yes, then looked at daddy and shook her head yes.  Neither of us knew what she was saying yes to until she grabbed the piece of pizza off of daddy's plate.  So she wasn't saying "yes" as in agreement, she was saying "yes?" as in a question.  She was so happy running around the house eating her slice of pizza and making sure Papi didn't get it.  She took that piece of pizza through the family room, living room, kitchen, sent it down the slide and took it in her rocking chair.

"mmmm pizza how come I don't get this more often?"


Wondering into the kitchen with my pizza


"I wonder if I can take this thing with me on the slide?" 


Notice the pizza on the step


And then on top


"oops, down it goes, better go after it before Papi gets it."



(This activity reoccurred three times)

"let's try eating it in the rocking chair"


Back to the kitchen for some water.  "oh good, it's still there"


"Uh oh, mommy left the cabinet unlocked.  I can fix it"


"Wait, I have to check on my pizza, okay still there"


"Forget the lock, here comes Papi.  No Papi!"


Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...

So all the while, when this entertainment was taking place, the snow was falling and we didn't even know it.  Emma finally gave up the slice of pizza and headed to bed.  Daddy went to bed too and mommy went to work.  I took the laptop into Chad's office so I could sit and concentrate and not be tempted to sit on the couch and procrastinate.  When I walked into the office I saw that our cars were covered with snow.  I had no idea.  I love the snow.  Before I could start grading papers, I had to try and take a few pictures. 

IMG_5455 IMG_5457 IMG_5465 We are two for two, last year the day we got our Christmas tree we also got the first snow of the season. 

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree...

Despite Chad being struck with the flu, we ventured north to Stanwood to cut down our Christmas tree.  We went to the same little tree farm that we went to last year.  There was a dusting of snow on the ground which made it even more festive.  I think the girls' favorite part was riding in the wagon on the uneven terrain.  The pickings were a little slim, but we found a good one.  IMG_5310  IMG_5327 IMG_5332 IMG_5339 IMG_5344 IMG_5360


When we got home Chad went straight to bed and after some lunch the girls had a little play time.  IMG_5370 From snow to wearing sunglasses.  The girls found their sunglasses and had fun running around in them.  Then I think Madi realized it is hard to read in sunglasses.  So she ditched them for a book.IMG_5369 IMG_5382 I wish this had turned out clearer, this girl is on a mission.  Can you guess where?IMG_5389 That's right, to the slide.IMG_5385 My little ray of sunshine in this nasty NW weather. 

Friday, December 12, 2008

Money, Money, Moneeeeey!

IMG_9349 IMG_9351 IMG_9353

Yesterday the girls and I got our tooshies moving and out of the house before 9.  It doesn't happen very often, I usually still have left over mascara on at 9 in the morning and already thinking about a nap.  Anyhow, we went over to West Seattle to meet the Boyer boys at a cute little coffee shop called Coffee To A Tea.  They have a great play area in the back for the kids, SHHHHH I don't want too many moms to find out about it.  The girls had a great time.  While I was trying to have a conversation, enjoy a quickly cooling latte and keep my eye on at least one of my kids and maybe someone else's, Emma found my wallet.  Amy, of course, had her camera ready.  This better not be a sign of the future.  If money is missing from my wallet I am going to Emma first. 


Madeline was being a very respectful toddler in this moment. It is hard to tell from the picture but this little girl had a great, big, huge muffin in her hand and Madi was very nicely trying to ask for some.  It was really cute, especially because Madi usually takes what she wants with force.


And she has her jacket on even though it was a sauna in there and everyone else was sweating.