Sunday, June 30, 2013


During the school year, Madi and Emma did a transportation unit.  One day their assignment was to look for a smart car, a taxi, and a scooter on their way home.  It just so happens that there are a ton of smart cars parked alone our route.  It ended up to the point that the girls shout out "smart car" like we used to shout out "slug bug".  Basically, "smart car" has become the new modern, Seattle version of "slug bug".  Then one day Ben started shouting "smart car" too.  Although, I don't think he understands the game.

On Saturday we went to Magnuson to swim and there was a smart car parked right next to us, so I tried to get a picture of the kids with it.

Saturday, June 15, 2013


Last weekend was the Seattle Preschool Camping Trip to Lake Kachees.  This year we only went with a few families from the 5's program.  We had beautiful weather so we decided to take everyone along, that means Ben and Papi too.  We ended up taking two cars so that we could take bikes and all our gear. Ben and I slept in the back of the Sequoia while Chad, the girls and Papi camped out in the tent.  Getting Ben to sleep was a bit of a challenge.  I couldn't just lock him in the truck.  Thankfully, I brought the stroller and after a lot of walking around, milk, and white noise from my phone, he passed out and was easily transferred into the truck when I was ready for bed. Overall, it was a great trip.  The kids all had a blast and Papi was in heaven.  There was a lot of playing, a lot of eating and a lot of dirt!  Camping is dirty!

The water was freezing but that didn't stop all the kids from splashing and playing.

Papi was a hit and got a lot of attention.

Shuckin' corn

Madi and Emma racing the boys.  

Thursday, June 13, 2013


On June 12, the girls had their preschool graduation.  It is hard to believe that three years of preschool is complete. The girls have grown so much in so many ways it is unbelievable!  Teacher Julie and her programs have been amazing and taught the girls so much.  Madi has learned so much that at circle time she would say to Teacher Julie "I already know that" when Julie was trying to share something with the class.  Definitely not the same Madi that didn't speak at all during the first few months of school when she started.  It was tough to say good bye but Ben will be there in another year.

For their graduation ceremony they say a song in French, told a story in French and sang "The Fifity Nifty United States".  It was super cute and very impressive for five year olds.
My name is Emma and I'm ready for Kindergarten!

My name is Madi and I'm ready for Kindergarten


I think it is time for the resurrection of this blog.  Not only to share with others but to help me remember these times with my kiddos before I completely forget.  Everyday I look at the three of them and am in awe of the things they do and say.  I want to remember these times and I do not have the brain power or memory skills to do it on my own.

As of today, June 13th Madi and Emma have graduated from preschool and Ben is quickly approaching the ever so wonderful age of 2 full of all the will, stubbornness and independence that comes with it....

So the other morning, I was busy making lunches, the girls were watching cartoons and Ben was quietly playing in the living room.  Ben is very good at playing by himself and usually doesn't get into too much trouble.  Not so much the case on that particular morning.  He came walking into the kitchen with a blue marker in his hands.  I looked at him and not surprisingly he had marker all over his hands, arms and legs.  Okay, no big deal.  I looked around the living room quickly and didn't see any other blue marks.  The morning went on, we were getting ready to go and I took the girls' lunch boxes into the living room to put them by the door.  That is when I saw Ben's masterpiece.  He took that blue marker to the couch, the window sill and even the window itself.  And boy was he proud of himself.  Thankfully it is all washable!

My budding artist

His masterpiece