Monday, January 28, 2008

We're Making Pogress

Well, one can sit and the other can feed herself.

SE sitting and playing with her toy, LM kickin' back having a snack.

Oops...lost my balance.

"Wish I could do that"

Morning playtime

Monday morning playtime... the girls wake up so happy it is great. This morning they were rolling around on the floor together and really interacting with one another. It is so fun to watch them play, talk and laugh together.

"Hi Sister"

Look at those big blues, I don't know where she gets them they aren't from Mommy or Daddy.

Daddy sure knows how to multitask. He is taking the laundry up and LM is heading up for a nap.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Mmmmm...we like fruit

LM got to spend some quality time with daddy this morning while SE was napping. He shared his fruit with her and I think she liked it.

A little taste of honeydew.

And some cantaloupe...

Then a grape.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Time for Change

Now that 2007 has come to an end, I figured it was time to retire our Title picture and create a new one. Happy 2008 everyone! Here's to a great new year and hopefully for this Borden Family it will be a lot less eventful than 2007. Although, 2007 will go down in history as the best year of my life. I love this family that came to be.
I think our Christmas card sums up the year pretty well. We were quite busy in 2007 with our wedding in February and the arrival of Madeline and Emma in July. The only other events not shown were the selling of one home and the purchase of another. Wow what a year!

Need I Say More...

Look at our "SE", such a big girl. Sitting all by herself.

She actually sat for quite a while and was able to hold herself up very well. We are so proud!
"LM" loves her daddy and puppy Papi.

Auntie Katie stopped by for a visit.

By the way, daddy is the KING of nicknames around here. Mommy is "Sleeper" and the girls are "Squeakers", "S-ers"(counts for all three of us girls around here), "SE"(which is either super Emma or squeaker Emma), and "LM"(little Madi)

So Smart

Daddy had to work late on Thursday night so he wasn't here to read bedtime stories. Which only meant the girls had to read them to themselves. They are already so smart :) Mommy actually read but wasn't nearly as good as daddy.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thursday's Adventures

We have had a wonderful day so far. We got up around 7:30 and said goodbye to daddy for the day. Then went down stairs and played until 9:00 when it was nap time. After nap time we got all bundled up and took our new stroller for a ride. We walked down to a great little park and the girls had their first experience on a playground swing. Emma loved it from the beginning. Madi was off in her own little world taking in every little detail around her. She just sat and stared at the sky and the trees. Exhaustion set in after swinging and the girls napped all the way home. Then it was lunch time and time to try solids again. Emma is the cereal queen, can't get it fast enough. Didn't like me taking a break to give her sister a spoonful; a spoonful that ended up all over the bib because Madi hates cereal! Although we found a winner today for Madi, and the winner is....avocado! She loved it!

Emma could swing all day.

Oh, silly Madi is not so sure about swinging.

All tired out from playing at the park.

We also practiced holding our own bottle/sippy cup, but we still like mommy to do it.

Tuesday night we had to bundle up in our Patagonia fleece jackets from Grandpa Rick and Grandma Jeffie so we could go to dinner. They are perfect for the NW.

Saturday, January 19, 2008


The girls are big girls now. They had their first experience with solid foods today. A little rice cereal for lunch. Emma wasn't too sure at first but then started to get the hang of it. Madi took it right away but made the face of disgust everytime she tasted it.

FINALLY a new post!!!!!

I know it has been a long while. I was waiting to get pictures from Christmas. And I am sad to say that we don't have very many of the girls on their first Christmas. I think we need to recreate it.

Chad reading "Twas the Night Before Christmas" to the girls on Christmas Eve. This has been a long time Capozzi tradition.

The girls turned 6 months yesterday the 18th. I can't believe they are getting so big. Today we are going to attempt solid foods. I will try to be good about taking pics.