Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Birthday B Boys

Our very good buddies Jackson and Brody celebrated their 3rd birthday on Saturday.  Amy and Tom did an awesome job and had us all meet at Pump It Up in Kirkland.  Emma had the time of her life, she was scaling inflatable walls and sliding down enormous slides.  Madi on the other hand had fun bouncing but only when she was on my arms and I was bouncing.  There was a little coup car that Madi found to be the highlight of her day.  HappyBirthdayBoys The birthday boys with their awesome pirate cakes.

Group3rdBirthdayShot2 I love this group shot.  Emma was in the back of the obstacle course and as the picture was being taken she came sliding down the slide. Madi didn’t want to be in it. 

Court&Madi Happy in mommy’s arms.

Madi Or happy in the car.

Emma Emma loving every second of jumping around.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Growing up so fast.

Today I realized we are now officially closer to having two THREE year olds than we are to two two year olds. Today is the 18th and marks the girls' official 2.5 birthday. In the last few weeks they seem to be growing up right in front of our eyes. Not physically of course, they are still peanuts but intellectually and emotionally. They have an attitude that matches that of a sixteen year old at moments and I try my hardest not to laugh. Especially Madi. She walks around bossing everyone including me. "Come on mom, let's go" (picture one hand on her hip and the other one beckoning me). "Let's play puzzles, okay" again with an almost valley girl attitude. The funniest was when Chad said "seriously goo" and Madi replied " yeah, seriously daddy". Emma is an amazing pretend chef. She loves throwing on her apron and hat and making a meal for me or her baby. They are constantly taking their babies on strolls around the house saying "good bye" to one another and hugging before going on their walk around the living room. Emma picks up a gift bag or shopping bag and loads it with diapers and wipes. Then says good bye to me and that she will see me in a week. She also likes to tell me that she is going to work, walks around the corner and then says she is home. Today, Chad was off and sat down to have lunch bringing his laptop to the table to do some reading too. Both girls grabbed their laptops as well and sat down at the table with their sandwiches. It was so funny, just typing away and telling me what they were doing, then stopping to take a bite. The role playing is constant.

I also recently purchased an ipod touch. I am able to download applications for them that are quite entertaining and educational. Their two favorites are a puzzle on where they have to match a piece with a black or white outline and one where they spell words by matching the letters. Of course I only have one (for now) and they are amazing at taking turns and sharing with out getting upset. They take their turn and willingly pass it along. As they pass it along they say "my turn in a minute", or speak in third person; Emma saying "Emma's turn in a minute" and Madi stating, "Madi's turn in a minute". They could play with it all day long, but don't put up much of a fight when I tell them it is time to put it away. I think the plus to having twins is that they learn how to take turns as soon as they learn how to walk. They fully understand that they will get it back if they give it away.

They are also kind of working on potty training. It is all on their terms right now, I am not pushing it too hard. Madi is doing really well and gets very excited and proud of herself. Emma is a little more laid back about it. She is Madi's biggest fan though.

Emma providing moral support.

I don't know what I like better, Emma being so excited for her sister or Madi's socks and boots with her onsie.

Here's Emma whipping me up a meal.

Working lunch date with daddy.