Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Fun Day at BB’s

*Warning: Picture overload.  It was too hard to narrow it down.

High Tide was at 1pm today which meant there wasn’t really a great time to go to the beach so we decided to stay home and play here.  BB went out this morning and came home with a great kiddie pool for the girls.  They had so much fun the laughter is still ringing in my ears.  They are truly blessed to have each other; every day is a play day with their best friend and on days like this it really shows. 

IMG_7708-2  It wouldn’t be summer without watermelon dripping down your chin.  IMG_7738-2 Bouncing IMG_7750-2 BouncingIMG_7751-1 More BouncingIMG_7758-1 IMG_7796-1  IMG_7742-1IMG_7773-1 IMG_7876-1IMG_7869-1  IMG_7831-1 IMG_7863-1IMG_7928-1 From bouncing to jumping.IMG_7910-1

Best FriendsIMG_7930-1   IMG_7932-1

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Friends and Ice Cream

Last night we met the Fraziers, Bartletts, Tillsons, Andy and a few other families on the beach for dinner.  It was a beautiful night and a lot of fun to see all the kids playing and parents visiting.  It really doesn’t get any better, I just wish Daddy was here to join us.  

IMG_7550-1Last year when we were here Keri was pregnant with Drew.  We finally got to meet the handsome little man yesterday at the beach.       IMG_7566-1We also got to play with Lucas again.  Emma and Lucas had a lot of fun throwing rocks in the water together. 

IMG_7574-1 IMG_7562-1IMG_7579-1  IMG_7586-2 The birthday boy, Hank.  Last year her was only a few weeks old when we arrived.  Now he is ONE and toddling everywhere.  Even giving sand surfing a try. 

IMG_7596-1The birthday boy.  IMG_7626-1Paula was also pregnant last year with Nora.  We finally got to meet Lucas’ beautiful baby sister too.    IMG_7632-2 Madi pretty much didn’t move from her safe spot in the back of BB’s yukon.  Lucy and Emma had fun hanging out in there too.  IMG_7633-1 We were even lucky enough to have a beautiful full moon rise over the water in front of us.

This morning BB and I took the girls on an adventure to Plymouth.  They were quite excited about going on an adventure.  After a brief walk over by the Mayflower we had to get ice cream.  After going in all the shops and having lobster rolls for lunch we headed home.  It was fun to play tourist.


IMG_7645-1Emma climbing on the side of the dock. IMG_7648-1

Emma and BB.

IMG_7654-1Emma eating purple ice cream in her purple dress on a purple stool.  She was pretty happy with all the purple.

IMG_7682-2 I love that you can see the reflection of her ice cream cone in her glasses.

IMG_7674-1   IMG_7665-2  IMG_7661-1IMG_7684-1

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sun, Sprinklers and Surf

Yesterday, we had some errands to run then went and met our friends Allyson, Lucy and Hank at the park.  When we arrived home, BB was busy trying to blow up a 36” beach ball sprinkler.  The thing is huge so she ran up to the gas station and had it blown up.  Once the it was set up in the yard, the girls had a blast running around Earth and cooling down.   IMG_7362-1 IMG_7368-1 IMG_7369-1 IMG_7385-1 IMG_7414-1 IMG_7424-1

Today, after running more errands, we hit the beach again.  Madi kept saying she wanted to go to the beach and go surfing.  When we got there the tide was on it’s way out.  The beach was a little rocky and the water was freezing but it didn’t stop the girls from having fun.  After a little while, the water was out further and created a great sandbar.  

IMG_7454-1 IMG_7463-1

Looking for big water falls, aka waves to surf in.IMG_7528-1IMG_7512-1 IMG_7517-1

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Our Summer Begins

The weather in Seattle has been quite disappointing this spring leading into summer.  One Monday night the girls and I boarded the red-eye flight to Boston where the weather has been much better.  We arrived at 6:30 in the morning after a pretty smooth flight.  The girls did great.  Emma slept pretty much the whole time even through landing.  Madi just wouldn’t give in and close her eyes.  She just wanted to watch her movies.  I think she slept for a total of two hours which means I slept even less.  Uncle Jake picked us up and drove us down to BB’s.  The girls got comfortable pretty quickly and were excited to see their “Owl” beds that BB set up for them.  Around 10:30 or so, we all snuggled in for a short nap then went out to hit the beach.  The girls picked up right where they left off last summer, running around enjoying it all; the sand, the surf and their beach toys.  BB picked up a couple little kick boards for the girls which Madi quickly called her surf board and started walking around saying “Hey Dudes”.  I think she picked that up from the Backyardagains surf’s up episode cause I have no idea where else she would have gotten it.  She is now obsessed with surfing and all she wanted to do at the beach was try to surf on her kick board, Emma too of course.  The had so much fun and no fear of the water, which was a little surprising to me.

IMG_7182 Checking out the Owl beds.IMG_7189 Emma snuggled right in to read a book.  IMG_7202  At the beach, finally.IMG_7219-1 SurfingIMG_7228 IMG_7233 IMG_7235-1 IMG_7243 New beach chairsIMG_7259 Madi loves the sand, she loves to lay in it and cover herself with it.  IMG_7264 Emma playing in the gigantic sandbox.IMG_7267-1 I love how she has her “surf board” tucked under her arm. IMG_7283-1 IMG_7302 IMG_7355IMG_7313-1 IMG_7321 IMG_7326-2 IMG_7332 IMG_7336-1 IMG_7342-1