Monday, August 31, 2009

Another week of fun

My computer was down for a few days, thank you to the Geek Squad we are now back and running. 

While the computer was away we still managed to play.  The girls and I spent some time with the Garretts and Fraziers. Hit the beach, got soaked by the rain, played in some puddles, hung out with Uncle Jake and just had fun. 

Last Thursday the girls and I met the Garretts at the beach but didn’t stay long.  The wind was blowing and it was cold.  After naps we met at the playground then hit Farfar’s for some ice cream before dinner.  IMG_3502 copy copy IMG_3512 copy Big hugs from our boy Reed. IMG_3516 copy 

Friday we checked out the Franklin Park Zoo in Boston with Allyson and Lucy Frazier.  The girls had a great time running around and seeing all the animals.  IMG_3532 copy Madi and Lucy checking out the roaring lion.  Emma ran the other direction straight into Allyson’s arms.

IMG_3540 copy I thought the pygmy hippo was cute.  We have the big guys at our zoo, they aren’t as cute.

 IMG_3542 copy Baby giraffe IMG_3548 copy Checking out the giraffes and zebras.  IMG_3553 copy Emma and Lucy were great little pals all day.

Saturday brought the rain from Hurricane Danny.  It rained 5 inches in one day.  But Sunday we had a puddle to play in.  IMG_3558 copy The puddle was small but still fun.

IMG_3561 copy Emma’s happy feet.

Today we went to the bay side of the beach.  It was a bit chilly but the girls had fun looking for shells and playing in the dunes with BB.

IMG_3573 copy BB drawing the girls pictures in the sand.IMG_3578 copy Madi just taking a nice little stroll.

IMG_3584 copy Big horseshoe crabIMG_3588 copy Yuck!IMG_3604 copy Emma playing in the dunes.

IMG_3605 copy BB helping M & E run up and down the sand hill.IMG_3612 copy ClimbingIMG_3661 copy IMG_3666 copy Following BB like two little ducklings.IMG_3684 copy Playing outside waiting for Uncle Jake.

IMG_3692 copy IMG_3719 copy Sitting on the step singing Itsy Bitsy Spider.IMG_3748 copy
Uncle Jake showed up and the chaos began.  The girls spent nearly an hour running around and dancing.  They were having way too much fun.  They love playing with their Uncle.  IMG_3749 copy IMG_3766 copy Quiet time with Uncle Jake.IMG_3770 copy

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Marshfield Fair

I tried to post this Monday night but my computer decided to act up and had to go to the doctors (aka Geek Squad). It unfortunately is still there, fingers crossed all is well and it will come home tomorrow.

On Monday morning we got up and headed back to Duxbury after spending two nights in Westport with Grammy and Grampy. The girls ran around for a while and then we packed them up and headed to the Marshfield Fair with our friends Kate, Ned and Lucy. We had a great time walking around and looking at all the animals. Madi especially like all of them and Emma especially didn't like anything except the bunnies.

Madi is watching the cow to makesure he doesn't get her foot and Emma is covering her face with bunny. She kept bunny over her face the entire time we were by the cows.
All the kids watching the big train display.

Lucy and Ned on the little rollercoaster.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hanging out with Grammy & Grampy

Saturday afternoon the girls and I packed up the car and headed to Westport to spend two nights with Grammy and Grampy.  Despite not napping before we left or sleeping much in the car, the girls were in great moods when we arrived.  I am sure they remembered being here two weeks ago because it didn’t take them any time to warm up and start running wild.  They loved looking for the cat, and playing with all the cat’s toys.  Today we took early naps and then headed out on Grampy’s boat for lunch.  The girls didn’t even fight their life jackets and had a great time rocking in the waves.  After a cruise on the boat we stopped by Elephant Rock Beach Club to play in the sand.  The beaches were still closed to swimming because of Hurricane Bill.  Even today, the waves were pretty big compared to when we were here two weeks ago.  It was still fun to run around and be in the sun.

IMG_3404 copy Emma sitting on the stairs watching the cat walk across the beams.

IMG_3418 copy Madi was very comfortable moving around on the boat, it was like she had been on a boat all her two years of life.

IMG_3421 copy IMG_3425 copy You can kind of see the bigger waves in the background.  The girls didn’t care about the water, they just wanted to play in the sand.

IMG_3428 copy Concentrating on not spilling her little cup of water. 


Before we left for Westport on Saturday we hit Duxbury Beach with the intentions of wearing the girls out so they would take a long nap before we headed south.  It didn’t work but I got some great shots of the girls to make up for it. Madi and Emma have been getting along great.  They really enjoy playing together and sharing things.  Madi makes most of the decisions and Emma follows without a fight even when Madi is trading popsicles to get the better color, or trading an empty juice cup for Emma’s full one.  They have been very sweet with the hugs and kisses too.  They will hit each other on purpose so that they can then turn around and give hugs.  It is all very precious.

IMG_3391 copy  IMG_3384 copy2

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Fun with Friends

The girls and I have managed to stay busy.  We are lucky to have both great family and friends here.  I am having so much fun watching them try new things.  I swear they have changed so much in the last few weeks.  Their hair is growing out of control.  Madi is eating like a champ, I am not sure where this new fondness of food has come from.  Both girls are talking more and more, they actually make a little sense now.  They are so happy (most of the time) I am starting to feel like they are easy.  But as soon as I think that the mischief begins and off they go getting into trouble, and laughing about it the whole time of course. 

Tuesday afternoon we went over to BB's friend Kate's house to play with Lucy, Ned and Chase and have some dinner on the deck.  The girls did great and it was nice to have an evening of good adult conversation.  File0092 File0099 copy File0102

On Thursday, we met Allyson and Lucy Frazier at a near by park for some play time.  It was quite warm and humid and didn't take long for all three girls to rip off their dresses and run around the park in their diapers.  Because of the heat, Allyson and I are guilty of not even trying to stop them. 

File0118 File0117 File0122

Friday night we joined the Garretts on the beach for some pizza and salad.  It wasn't quite as nice as the first night, but still great and the kids had fun.

File0137 Emma and Zoe eating dinner.File0138 copy Our buddy Reed enjoying his pizza.

File0151 copy Looking at the kite flying near us.

File0140 Emma loved this dump truck, may need to hit Target.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dinner on the beach

Tonight we decided to beat the heat by taking the girls to the beach for dinner. They had such a great time. The tide was low so we set up camp on a great sandbar and the girls has a wonderful, warm pool to play in. I of course didn't have either of my cameras and had to take pics with my blackberry. I guess we will have to do it again so I can get better pics. IMG00029-20090819-1828 IMG00031-20090819-1855 IMG00037-20090819-1931 The sun setting over Duxbury from the beach road.

The girls found a little playmate to jump and splash with.