Monday, September 29, 2008

We finally made it to school

The girls' BCC class started last week but with snotty little noses we weren't able to go.  Today however, their health was good so we were able to go and see some friends.  Emma was all over the place.  Madeline stuck close to me, she is getting two new molars and is stuck to my side 24/7. IMG_3674 

The girls loved all the fake food. 


Blake driving the boat.


Monday, September 22, 2008

Grandma BB's Visit

Grandma BB came out Friday night from Duxbury, MA to visit the girls, well and us too, but more importantly the girls.  We had a fun filled weekend.  On Saturday morning we got up and took the girls to breakfast at JAK's.  Not only do they have the best burgers in the world, but also an amazing breakfast spread.  The girls ate their weight in waffles, fruit, and eggs.  After JAK's we decided to check out the Seattle Children's Museum.  It was the first really rainy Saturday in Seattle so I think everyone else had the same idea.  The girls had a lot of fun.  Emma was a maniac and was running around getting into everything.  Then they came home and took a loooonnnggg nap. After their nap we left the girls with BB for about an hour, Chad and I ran down to the Ale house for a beer or two, or four.  Sunday mommy got a break and got to go to the Seahawks game.  Daddy and BB were on duty all day.  It was such a nice break and the hawks actually won.  Today we ventured to Costco, BB's first Costco trip.   The girls were also supposed to start school today in Bellevue but they both had snotty noses and I didn't want to be "that mom".  After their afternoon nap we decided to go walk around the zoo and get some fresh air.  The zoo in the afternoon on a weekday is the PERFECT time to go.  We were able to see all the animals walking around and even got to feed the giraffe.  I would have to say that it was the best zoo trip I have ever had.  Then it was time for dinner, a bath, and to say goodbye to BB until Christmas.





Thanks for the pumpkins BB














Mmmm, lemons.








At the Children's Museum






Madi loved the water














Emma loved the slide














Easy does it









Emma wasn't so graceful.  She dove down head first.







At the Woodland Park Zoo.


That sure is a large Papi.









Feeding the giraffe, so cool.






















The elephants were so close.










This balloon neck monkey kept watching me, I think he likes having his picture taken.











The sunshine bears were hiding, but clearly the girls weren't too worried.













The gorillas were out moving around, eating and enjoying the afternoon sun.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

One, Two, Buckle My Shoe

The idea of buying new shoes for the girls has been in the back of my head for a while especially now that they are walking and the weather is turning.  I don't think it would look good if they were still walking around barefoot in October, wouldn't win me mother of the year.  My friend Amy told me about a great shoe store right down the street from our house called Shoe Zoo.  So this morning, I packed up the girls and decided to take them shoe shopping.  They have never had their feet measured and come to find out they should be wearing a size larger than I thought.  I was unaware of the amount of space they should have between their big toe and the end of the shoe. So their measurements ended up being a 4 for Madeline and a 3.5 for Emma.  The gentleman helping us was a SAINT.  Halfway through the process of picking out shoes and trying them on, Madeline got an upset stomach and couldn't calm down.  She was screaming her lungs out and was in apparent pain.  Emma was left to just run around the shoe store.  Thankfully it is a small, very friendly place.  I was able to leave Emma to her roaming and took Madi out to the car to change her diaper.  Finally she was calm enough to try on one more pair, then we made our purchases and headed out the door.


"I think I figured this out"


"Yep, they pass the taste test"


"Giving my shoe some love"


"Hmm, how fast can I go in these?"


"I can't wait to go outside and test these babies out"


Lookin' good

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Last days of Summer

As summer is coming to an end, we finally discovered the squirty park in Bellevue.  I am kicking myself for not going sooner.  It was such a great place for the girls.  They got to run around, play in the water and I didn't have to worry too much about them getting hurt or going too far.  The flooring is super soft and squishy, no dirt or sand or bark to be eaten.  Emma did great walking all over the place.  Thanks Katie and Emerson for coming with us.

The three girls got right in there and started playing.  IMG_3128 IMG_3123

 IMG_3125 Madeline would not let go of the sunscreen. 

IMG_3152 Emerson found the giant frog.


 IMG_3162She loves to drink water like this, she even does it in the sink when she takes a bath.  IMG_3175 Emma had too much fun running around.  She is a full fledged walker now.IMG_3156A little break for lunch.

 IMG_3184 More water drinking.

IMG_3197 More running around.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Busy bodies

IMG_2989 It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt.  Emma discovered what fun it is to play with the door and see Madi on the other side.  IMG_2993Please excuse the absolutely disgusting glass on the door, there is no keeping it clean with a golden and 4 little hands.   IMG_2995 More puppy love.

IMG_3013Emma found the laundry and decided to help me sort it.

 IMG_3020 This is the aftermath.

IMG_3035 The only decent shot I got of the girls on the first day of their NSCC co-op preschool.  Hopefully I will get a better shot of the first day of our BCC class.

IMG_3040Emma and daddy in the Captain's chair on the Sea Star from Deadliest Catch. We took the girls to the boat show on Saturday afternoon.  There were many amazing boats, all way out of our price range. 

 IMG_3044 In front of a crab pot.

IMG_3050 Madi making music at Brian and Alison's housewarming party. 

 IMG_3053 Emma trying to figure out the harmonica

IMG_3071Emma and Blake hanging out by the keg.

IMG_3073What did Blake find now?

Over the last few days I have realized that we are on another up hill trip with the girls.  The first 6 months were up hill then we took a turn down hill and coasted into the one year mark.  Now that they are on the move, we are headed back up that hill.  They won't stay seated in their stroller, grocery cart, or high chairs any more.  No matter how tight I strap them in.  They want to move.  They are also still teething and fighting naps.  They seem to always want to be held at the same time too, my arms are tired.  And they are fast, I can't turn around without them getting into something, like playing with the door, or getting into the laundry basket that was only sitting there for a minute.