Saturday, July 25, 2009

Shells, Crab, Fish and lots of Sand

Today we took the girls up to Birch Bay in Bellingham for a day in the sun.  We took off around 11, the girls took a short nap in the car and were ready to play when we got there.  We found a nice sandy patch and set up our blanket.  The girls had a great time digging in the sand with daddy, looking for shells, checking out the hermit crabs we found and watching the tiny fish swim in the tide pools.  Madi had a run in with a barnacle and the barnacle won.  She has a couple good gouges in the bottom of her right foot.  She handled it pretty well but is still limping on it.  The ice cream at the end of the day helped everyone feel better. 

IMG_2277 copy IMG_2280 copy IMG_2312 copy IMG_2289 copy IMG_2325 copy  IMG_2338 copy IMG_2343 copy

Before we got ready to go, Madi helped Emma look her best. 

IMG_2250 IMG_2252 IMG_2260 Emma surprisingly was a good sport even as Madi followed her to the beanbag and attacked her.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Staying Cool

Yesterday the temps were near 90.  We joined the Boyers and some friends and checked out the squirt park in Tukwilla.   IMG_2200 copy IMG_2204 copy copy2 IMG_2202 copy copy IMG_2223 copy copy

Better Late Than Never

On Monday we started off the day by going to see Dr. Dudas for our two year check up.  The girls are doing great and even though they are small, they continue to grow at a great rate. 

Madeline's Stats:

Weight:  21.8 lbs (-3%)

Height: 32.25 in (10%)

Emma's Stats:

Weight: 23.4 lbs (10%)

Height: 32.75 in (15%)

After their Dr. appointment we headed off to the Nordstrom sale to pick up some goodies for mommy and new shoes for the girls.  I hadn't had them measured since last September.  Their little feet really haven't grown that much.  They both measured just slightly smaller than a 6. 

While we were shopping their big birthday present finally arrived.  It was two days late, but worth the wait.  The girls love it. While they napped so beautifully for me, I was able to assemble it.

IMG_2188 copy IMG_2190 copy

Sun, Sun and more Sun

I don't think I can remember a summer that has been so wonderfully sunny.  I absolutely love it.  It is so fun to take the girls on little adventures around town.  On Sunday we took the girls to play with the Boyer boys at a little park by our house.  They have a great little wading pool to cool off in.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         After the park the boys came over for dinner and some extra play time.  IMG_2173 copy Their new big girl dining table from Nana and Papa is perfect for a double date.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Celebrating Number Two!

We had a small birthday celebration for the girls yesterday.  We are very lucky to have a great group of little friends for the girls.  There were a total of seven sets of twins and a few of our awesome singleton buddies.  I think Madi was a little overwhelmed by the crowd but eventually warmed up.  Emma had a great time running around with all her buddies.  Thanks to everyone who celebrated with us. 

IMG_2027 IMG_2064 IMG_2090 IMG_2099 IMG_2126 IMG_2146 IMG_2160 IMG_2139 copy

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Well, we made it 2 years and counting.  It has been the most incredible two years of our lives.  Look at these cuties, they are too much fun!


To my dearest darling Madeline,

Two years ago today, you made me the happiest mommy in the world. In the past year you have grown into such an amazing little person. You still love to snuggle and I will never pass up a moment to snuggle with you. You are learning so much every minute of every day. I love watching your little brain at work. You have an incredible memory and get so excited when you do things on your own screaming “I did it” with a huge grin on your face. You have a lot of little habits that are too cute. Every morning you have your arms full with lamby, nigh night blankie and bears, then climb up on the couch, snuggle under your blankie and scream for milk. You sit there so happily watching Sesame Street or EE- I-OH. You are such a helpful and caring girl. Anytime Emma cries, you immediately go find bunny and bring it to her. When she falls you ask her “Are you OK?” You already have an opinion about what you want to wear; often changing your clothes two or three times a day, or running around naked. You are very good at taking your diaper off all by yourself even when mommy doesn’t want you to. Your favorite activity at the park is to swing. You will swing for hours, laughing and watching all the other kids around you. Recently you have discovered the joy of a sprinkler asking to run in the water even when the weather is crummy. You still love to read and have become very animated when you read yourself a story. I think you learn at least 10 new words a day, often repeating what I say then using it again later as if it has always been in your vocabulary. And you love the computer. All of these things are so fun to watch and see. I can’t get enough of your bright blue eyes, enormous smile and contagious laugh. You are my sweet little peanut, my tiny little goo. I love you with all my heart. I can’t wait to see what you learn this year.

I Love You ,



To my dearest darling Emma,

On this day two years ago you came into the world and made me the luckiest mommy. It makes me so happy to think about how much you have grown and learned in the last year. You are so sweet and have no fear. Well, almost no fear. You are not afraid to try anything physical, often running, jumping and climbing all around. You are probably the strongest two year old I have ever seen. You constantly make me nervous and I often wonder “will today be the day we go to the ER for stitches or a broken bone?” I love watching you on the playground observing the bigger kids and often running off right behind them; your eyes just light up with amazement. In the last year, you have really come into your own. You communicate what you like and what you don’t. You don’t like the monkeys at the zoo, and you don’t like it when Madi tries to come too close or tries to take your toys. But you are very quick to share or to pick out two items, one for you and one for Madi. You are very thoughtful and love to help me around the house. I love to watch what you learn each day. You are learning new words and putting sentences together, practicing going potty, and listening to directions. You are a little person and not my baby any more. You absolutely adore your father. My favorite sight is watching you stand on the baseboards looking out the front window waiting for daddy to come up the steps, or when you stand at daddy’s office door and yell “hi dada”. You demand to go for walks with daddy and Papi almost every day. I don’t know who gets more excited, you or Papi. You will stand at the door shouting “WALK” until you are out the door and on your way. You make me laugh all day long, I can’t imagine my days without you. You are my sweet SE, my fearless little explorer. I love you with all my heart. What are you going to learn this year? I can’t wait to see.

I Love You,


Their Day with Nana and Papa

  The girls spent 2 nights and 3 days with Nana and Papa while Daddy was in Montana for work and mama was at home cleaning and organizing.

Here is Nana's update from Thursday:

So, our day started at, milk, morning paper and sesame street in bed with Nana and Papa...our routine, although usually for us it's coffee, paper, and Today show!
I decided to be big and brave and take them to the zoo by myself.  We get there at the entrance and I have no wallet...yikes!  We were heading back home and then I remembered Michael keeps a stash of cash in the glove comp, so we made it in along with busloads of campers.  It was quite warm and the animals were nowhere to be seen!  But, we did find a kid zone with fun things to climb on and a small water squirt area, so after getting soaked, we came home for naps.  They slept in the car despite my turning up the radio and putting down the windows so weren't too happy about being put to bed, but they settled down and just chatted for an hour or so.  I got them up and gave them yogurt pushup popsicles outside and then Michael came out and we put the hose on to clean them off.  Madi loved that more than Emma.  Dinner was another total mess, but instead of the hose which we probably should have done, we attempted baths and they weren't thrilled.  We then went for a long walk, story time and they passed out around 7.
Home tomorrow, but probably not until late afternoon.  Maybe we'll try the local park in the am.  Can't believe they will be 2 on Sat...much too fast!

P7160281_-_Copy P7160286

GetAttachment[1]  P7160291 GetAttachment[2] GetAttachment[2] (2)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Too cute

I had to post just a few cute shots from the last few weeks.  IMG_1739 copy2 Whenever daddy leaves in the morning and the girls are awake, this is how they say goodbye.  It is super sweet.  They stand on the base boards and yell "bye dadda".

IMG_1720 copy2 The girls and Papa on Father's Day.

IMG_1961 copy2 The girls don't like clothes too much these days, but they do like to hang on things.  Here they are hanging on the edge of their little table with their bare bums showing. 

IMG_1975 copy2 Holding hands.  The girls are pretty good about holding hands when we ask them too.  Today at the zoo I finally captured a picture. It is very sweet to see them hold hands and walk down the street. 

IMG_1995 copy2 Checking out the penguins at the zoo.  Emma wouldn't get that close to the glass.

IMG_1997 copy2 Sitting in the boat by the penguin exhibit. 

Monday, July 6, 2009


Last week the girls had yogurt with their breakfast.  When I turned to get my own breakfast and coffee the fun began. 

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 4th of July

We had a great Fourth despite Emma's cold. We went over to West Seattle in the morning to join the Boyers and some friends in the West Seattle Kids' 4th of July Parade. It was literally 2000 kids and parents marching down the street to a park. Then it was back home for naps. After naps we hung out with Auntie Kendra and played with Pop Its and party poppers. That was the extent of our fireworks here. Chad went and got us a couple live lobsters for dinner. It wasn't quite the same as the lobster bake we had last year on Martha's Vineyard, but the lobster sure was good. The girls didn't know what to think of the lobsters. Emma was okay looking from a distance. Madi enjoyed looking and kept saying "Bye lobsters!"

IMG_1785 copy2 On our way out the door.

IMG_1801 copy2 Emma and daddy waiting to jump into the parade.IMG_1803 copy2 Madi and daddy walking along in the parade.IMG_1804 copy2 Halfway through the parade, Emma decided to take a rest on the curb, and Madi joined her. IMG_1809 copy2 Marching.IMG_1820 copy2 Hanging in the grass at the park.IMG_1825 copy2 Enjoying popcicles with all the boys. IMG_1852 copy2Auntie showing them how to throw the Pop It'sIMG_1855 copy2 IMG_1866 copy2 Emma and her Pop It's IMG_1884 copy2 Madi had fun throwing the confetti from the party poppers in the air. IMG_1877 copy2 IMG_1910 Standing on the counter looking at the lobsters.IMG_1906

Bye Lobsters!

This is just a tiny clip of Madi saying "bye lobsters".

This morning when she woke up she wanted to see the lobsters in the sink again. But they weren't there anymore. Mmmmm, yummy in my tummy!