Sunday, June 28, 2009

Rock 'N' Roll

Yesterday morning was the inaugural Seattle Rock 'N' Roll Marathon.  Auntie Katie and I spent the last few months in training for the 1/2 marathon portion of it.  Becky came up from GH to stay the night and go with Katie and I to the race in the morning.  Neither Becky's or my alarm went off at 4am like they were supposed too.  We both happened to wake up at 5 and raced out the door to get Katie so we could catch the shuttle at the Westin that would take us to the start line.  After seeing the enormous lines for the shuttles we jumped in a cab with another racer and headed to Tukwilla.  After jumping out of the cab on the side of the freeway we were ready to run.  Katie, Becky and I completed the 13.1 miles. 

P1000360 P1000361 This stroller has seen it's share of miles.  The girls did great on all our training runs.  I am sure they are ready for a break from it though. 

Saturday was also Auntie Katie's birthday so that afternoon we went to her house for a BBQ.

P1000364 P1000368 P1000366

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Seattle Center Fun

After an exhausting morning being tag teamed by the girls, we headed to Seattle Center to meet Katie and Emerson for some fun and to give me a break. After playing in the toddler area for a while we ventured outside to the large fountain. Madeline wanted nothing to do with it. Emma took a little while to warm up but then had fun running around with me. Thanks for getting us out of the house, Katie. I am not sure I would have made it until noon.


Madi wouldn't even look at the fountain. DSC_0802

Emma and I had a lot of fun running around.


Madi was very happy watching from the sidelines.


So happy!


I tried one more time with Madi and she was not letting go of me.


The girls are more and more fun everyday and more and more work at the same time. They are getting too smart and capitalizing on every opportunity to act two. The minute I turn around, off they go; climbing on tables, grabbing things off the counters, emptying the wipes all over the floor... I could go on and on. This morning I was trying to change Madi's diaper and Emma was trying to pull out all of the wipes. I was playing keep away and trying to clean a Madi's bottom at the same time. The girls were laughing so hard, and I felt completely out numbered. Saying "no" just escalates the situation. Anyone know how to discipline two two year olds at the same time? I have a feeling it is only going to continue. Thankfully summer is here and we can spend hours at all the great parks around us. Parks are the perfect distraction, it usually means a long nap afterwards.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Diet Coke and High Heals at 23 months

That's right, they are growing up fast.  They are already drinking diet coke and running around the house in high heals. 

The girls are 23 months old today! We started with a quick weigh in, I am very curious to get their stats next month to see how they have grown over the last 6 months.  According to our scale they are still little peanuts.  Madi was a whopping 21.2lbs and Emma 22.8lbs.  Now I would like to say our scale is off, but am very pleased with what it says for me so I can't go there. 

Later, I turned around for just a minute only to find the girls playing with all the empties. 

IMG_1665 copy IMG_1664 copy IMG_1668 copy IMG_1674 copy IMG_1680 copy I have been trying for days to get the girls to sit together so I can get a picture.  This is the best I could do and as you can see I had to bust out the lollipops to do it.  The minute they see the camera they scram and laugh their pretty little faces off.  Mommy doesn't think it is that funny.

IMG_1694 copy Enjoying her lollipop.IMG_1706 copy This evening I ran down to the basement to run a load of laundry.  I told the girls where I was going in anticipation that they would join me.  Well, they didn't.  Emma ran upstairs and found a pair of my shoes.  She brought them down and was having fun making them clomp all over the hardwoods.  I couldn't figure out what the sound was.  It sounded like a hammer.  This is what I found. 

Monday, June 15, 2009

The Muppets

Chad and I took the girls to EMP yesterday to check out the Jim Henson exhibit.  It was a little disappointing as we thought it would be a bit bigger.  They did have a little area where you could be a muppet and put on a show.  The girls enjoyed watching other's do it but wanted nothing to do with it when it was their turn.  We did see Burt and Ernie and visited the gift shop for a new Elmo and Cookie.

IMG_1535 copy IMG_1550 Thanks Daddy!

IMG_1562 IMG_1579 copy Off to the park with Elmo and Cookie in tow.IMG_1586 Teaching Cookie how to go down the slide.IMG_1595 Elmo's turn to slide.

IMG_1604 copy Madi helping Emma down the tiny little step.IMG_1614 copy UP! IMG_1650 copy IMG_1651 copy

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Lipstick, Running and Dancing

Emma is obsessed with getting into the kitchen drawer where we keep all of our odds and ends. She can't see what she is grabbing but is able to grab things none the less. Today she managed to grab some lip gloss. After applying it to her face, Madi decided it was her turn too. I of course didn't see any of this happening until it was too late. I am sure this will occur many many more times. IMG_1431 copy

IMG_1416 copy

After playing with lipstick daddy came home and turned on the music. IMG_1438 copy This is Daddy's life all summed up into one picture; two toddlers, a dog and some Pearl Jam.

Then it was off and running outside. IMG_1450 copyIMG_1447 copy Showing off a very loved Elmo.

IMG_1464 copy Elmo and Cookie get a bath in our makeshift water table. IMG_1504 Daddy had some Bob Marley playing while we were running around. Madi came inside and started dancing. She was having so much fun dancing with daddy.

IMG_1523 copy Then it was nite-nite time. Madi loves to curl up on the couch with her lamby, blanket and milk and she calls it nite-nite.

Emma was running around like a wild women and wanted nothing to do with nite-nite.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Cooling Off

After another bad mommy moment* by me, daddy went down to the store and got the girls some push pops to enjoy and help them (especially Emma) cool off.  IF Emma lives to see her fourth birthday, I will be so proud of myself. 


P6100031 P6100037

*I locked Emma in the car for the second time. 

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bye Dogs!

The girls love to go to the dog park with Papi and Daddy, and they love to say bye to all the dogs.  "BYE DOGS" has become a favorite phrase around here.  Yesterday afternoon we all went down to the park and took Papi swimming.  It is really funny to watch the girls run around with all the dogs. P6090007 Emma loves to help daddy throw the ball.P6090010 Holding hand on the way to the lake.

P6090015 Daddy throws the tennis ball and Madi throws rocks.  P6090017 P6090022 Emma snuggling on the way back to the car.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Keep it Classy San Diego

Chad's great childhood friend Jarrett got married this past weekend in San Diego.  I dropped the girls off at Nana and Papa's Thursday morning and we took off that evening.  We stayed with our friend Sean along with Andy, Jill, Ryan and Scot who flew in from Boston.  We had a very fun-filled weekend.  Friday we headed down to OB for some amazing fish tacos then off to the harbor for a sailing trip (booze cruise) on Stars and Stripes.  After sailing we headed out for drinks then dinner and back home to bed.  Saturday morning we got up to play a round of golf.  Then it was time to get ready for Jarrett's and Debbie's wedding.  The setting was beautiful and just after we got there my camera battery died.  I had left it on when we were golfing and didn't think to check it before we left.  Oops.

IMG_1208 IMG_1215 IMG_1239 IMG_1219 IMG_1257 IMG_1274 IMG_1328 IMG_1356 IMG_1370 IMG_1378 IMG_1404 IMG_1408