Friday, May 21, 2010

I know, I know….

I know I haven’t updated all month and it is already the 21st.  I have spent a lot of time on the computer, but not playing with pictures or writing about them. 

Earlier this month we headed out to a local park to meet with a photographer who is raising money for soulumination.  She is taking pictures of kids all around Seattle for a donation to the  charity.  She is an awesome person and very talented photographer.  Our session was interesting as only 50% of the participants were having fun and the other 50% was clinging to my side.  After it, we went over to the play area and I let the girls run around for a while.  They also had just received their new backpacks, so of course they had to bring them. 

IMG_6608-1 IMG_6613-1 Loves throwing sand.

 IMG_6625-3 IMG_6631-2 Ready to take off on me.

We have had some amazing weather lately.  The girls busted out their swim suits and we spent some time outside playing with the water table. 

IMG_6641-2 IMG_6644-1 IMG_6655-1 Notice Madi’s swim suit change.  This is what I got when I asked her to look at me smile for the camera. 

IMG_6669-1 Monday of this week we met some friends at a place called Flying High Sports.  It is an enormous warehouse that has gigantic trampolines all over.  The girls spent an hour running and jumping all around.  We will be going back soon.  They haven’t stopped talking about it.


Tuesday night, this is how Chad found the girls when he checked on them.  They pull their pillows and comforters down onto the floor between the beds and snuggle with their toys.  IMG_6727-1 IMG_6728-1

School is coming to an end, and daddy happened to be around today so he joined us for a little while.  Emma was over the moon excited.  She has asked if her daddy could come to school for months.  Today was her lucky day.