Tuesday, April 27, 2010

M & E’s Special Day

Today at school we celebrated Madi and Emma’s Special Day.  Madi and Emma were born in July and because their birthday falls over the summer, we celebrated it at school today.  The girls were very excited about their special day and the crowns they got to wear and bring home. Teacher Christi also shared special information about each one and then we all sang them the “Special Day” song. 

IMG_6468 copy With teacher ChristiIMG_6495 copy Madi was a little nervous in front of her friends, her finger didn’t come out of her mouth the whole time she was up there.

IMG_6482 copy IMG_6501 copy IMG_6502 copy IMG_6504 copy2 IMG_6507 copy

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Prelude to our Summer in New England

Chad and I had great lobster roles last weekend when we went to Frank’s Oyster House for dinner.  They were so good, Chad had the great idea of making our own yesterday.  We went and picked up 3 live lobsters, steamed them and made dinner.  The girls love looking at lobsters or anything that has to do with lobsters.  Emma really had fun watching daddy, tasting the lobster and picking them up.  Madi liked to look and watch from her perch a few feet away.

IMG_6407 copy Sucking the meat out of a leg. I won’t even do that.

IMG_6425 copy Leaning in for a kiss.

IMG_6429 copy2 At first Emma wouldn’t pick them up, she just kept saying “no they’re scary”.  Once she finally did pick it up, she didn’t want to put it down. 

IMG_6437 copy Using her muscles to crack the claw.  She isn’t quite strong enough yet.  Maybe this summer she will get more practice.

IMG_6443 copy Madi did get close enough to try and crack the claw too. 

Monday, April 19, 2010

The Naked Chef

This afternoon I was having a hard time keeping the girls entertained and happy.  For the last 10 days, Daddy has been with us and today was the first day of going it alone.  They woke up from their naps a little cranky and the afternoon began to drag on.  I was ready to put them to bed at 6:00, I could have sworn it was already 8:00.  I finally resorted to the dreaded playdoh.  I tried to convince them to do it outside on the deck, but it was a no go.  I just hate the mess of the tiny playdoh crumbs every where.  Anyhow, Madi began walking across the kitchen with playdoh on a spoon saying she wanted to go downstairs.  There was no way I was going to let her take playdoh down to the basement where it would get smashed in the carpet. So, I had the brilliant idea of bringing their little play kitchen up.  I brought just the stove/sink part up and they happily cooked playdoh treats for quite a while.  The best part was Madi’s attire.  Madi has been known to give us quite a few laughs with the outfits she puts together.  This afternoon it was no different.  She was running around in her swimsuit top and a bare bum.  Then she added the apron and chef’s hat to cook up her creations.  IMG_1559 copy Love that little bum.

IMG_1578 copy

Birthday Blessings

This past weekend we celebrated my 33rd birthday.  I still can’t believe how fast the years seem to fly by.  On Saturday night, the girls went to Autie Katie’s and Uncle Ryan’s for a sleep over.  Chad and I went out for a fantastic dinner at Frank’s and enjoyed the best lobster rolls before coming home to a quiet, empty house.  Sleeping in my own bed and not having to worry about the girls in the morning was the best birthday gift ever.  I slept in until 9:00 then Chad and I went to breakfast before picking up the girls.  Later in the afternoon, Katie, Ryan, Kendra, Steve, Nana and Papa came over for a casual cookout.  The girls had fun planting flowers with Nana and running around before helping me blow out the candles on my peanut butter pie.  It was a wonderful birthday. I am so lucky and fortunate to have such a loving family to spend it with. 

IMG_1285 So excited.IMG_1295 copy Listening to Nana’s directions.

IMG_1302 IMG_1332

IMG_1365 Playing with Uncle Ryan.

IMG_1389 Putting the candles in my Happy Birthday Pie.

IMG_1409 Getting ready to blow out all the candles.

Palm Springs

Last week, the four of us took off for a sunny week in Palm Springs.  Thanks to the Karhan family we were set up in a great two bedroom unit with a wonderful pool set up and golf course next door.  Chad was able to get up early and get a couple of rounds of golf in.  The girls spent many hours in the pools splashing around. Emma especially loved swimming and would wake up and state “ I go swimming”.  With the help of her ladybug puddle jumper swim jacket, she swam all by herself and loved every second of it.  IMG_1040 copy IMG_1028 IMG_1062 copy IMG_1075 copy IMG_1085 copy Daddy teaching Emma to paddle and kick.  She couldn’t get enough of swim time.  IMG_1091 copy IMG_1098 copy So happy.IMG_1109 copy Madi even allowed me to let go and swam by herself in the big pool.  IMG_1144 Riding in the zebra striped, jeep wagon at The Living Desert Zoo.IMG_1200 copy Check out the horns on this guy.IMG_1192 copy Staring contest.

IMG_1169Daddy and Emma with the baby giraffe.

IMG_1178 Daddy and Madi checking out the camels.IMG_1243  Poolside after naps, still wearing their basketball jammies.  I couldn’t convince them to take them off and I didn’t want to waist any more time in the room, so I let them wear their jammies to the pool.IMG_1247 dipping her toesIMG_1232Ready to jump in. IMG_1280 Madi swimming with her alligators in the kiddie pool.IMG_1283 copy

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Easter Bunny Visits

We had a great Easter.  Nana, Papa, Auntie Kendra and Steve came over for brunch.  The Easter Bunny snuck in and left the girls lots of treats.  The sun even managed to shine for a little while, long enough for us to hunt for eggs outside. 

IMG_0890 copy Trying on her gardening gloves and apron.  Ready to plant some flowers with Nana.

IMG_0895 copy Hunting for eggs.

IMG_0897 copy

IMG_0920 copy Checking out the loot.

IMG_0931 copy

IMG_0966 copy

IMG_0976 copy Madi got cozy with Papa on the couch to share his brunch.  I think she ate more than he did.

Spring Time Fun

Last Wednesday the girls and I headed north with some friends to Mt. Vernon to see the beautiful tulips in bloom.  It ended up being a beautiful day, the sun was shining and the flowers were all out.  Madi and Emma of course were in perfect 2.5 year old mode.  They didn’t want to cooperate for my camera or follow any of my directions.  I still managed to snap a couple cute ones.  Someday they will learn they need to sit pretty and smile for my camera, right?

IMG_0732 copy The girls were definitely more interested in this frog feature then they were the flowers.

IMG_0747 copy Already kissing frogs.  Hopefully one will turn into her prince someday. Let’s just hope it doesn’t happen too soon. 

IMG_0752 copy “This way?” 

IMG_0755 copy On the run, as always. 

IMG_0764 copy Madi enjoyed smelling the flowers.  Emma wouldn’t get too close, she kept saying “No, dirty”.

IMG_0798 copy

IMG_0777 copy Sister moments

IMG_0782 copy

IMG_0823 copy

IMG_0828 copy Emma did get close enough to one to give it a kiss good bye. 

IMG_0830 copy And the child abuse begins… There was this cool old barrel next to the fields that made a great place for pictures, of course the girls screamed their heads off as I tried to make them sit pretty.

IMG_0844 copy2

IMG_0845 copy