Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Greatest Show on Earth

Saturday the 28th we took the girls to see The Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus. The girls loved it! We had great seats and they just watched in awe. They loved all the animals. It was REALLY good! Even Daddy and I had a great time.

IMG_7699-1 IMG_7702= Madi loved the Chinese lions.IMG_7734-1 IMG_7759-1 IMG_7790-1

Monday, August 23, 2010


Saturday morning, the girls took off with Daddy for their first father-daughter road trip.  The girls were so excited.  Daddy took them to Westport, WA for a day at the beach and a night in a hotel.  Mommy and Auntie Kendra enjoyed a Seahawks preseason game and a nice quiet night.

P1010019-1 Trying to fly their ladybug kite, but it wasn’t windy enough.P1010024-1 P1010028-1 P1010033-1 Watching the surfers.

P1010048-1 P1010058-1

P1010016-1 There was an art festival in town that day, the girls had their faces painted.  Yellow and red spider girls.P1010018-1 Daddy with his girls.  Priceless!

Monday, August 9, 2010

What Fun It Was…

To grow up in Forest Ridge.  While Kiersten and the cousins were in town, so were all of our friends from my childhood.  We grew up on a great little street in Gig Harbor with lots of kids to run around with.  On Saturday, August 7th we were all able to get together at Nana and Papa’s.  We got to catch up with the whole Richards gang, the Sarrensen Clan, The Majeskis, and the Fishers.  With everyone all grown up there were quite a few little ones running around including three sets of twins.  It was so much fun to see everyone. 

The weather could have been better but the kids didn’t care either way.  They all wanted to play on the giant slide regardless. IMG_0623-1 IMG_0625-1 IMG_0636-1 IMG_0643 IMG_0663-1 FR Family Reunion 063-1 The three sets of twinkies and their Forest Ridge mom and dads.  I still find it incredible that three of us on our street ended up with twins all within about a year of each other.  FR Family Reunion 153-1 The original crew, top to bottom, left to right;

Chelle M, Kiersten C, Peter S, Patrick R, Kendra C, Katie R, Susie F, Scott S, Courtney C, Christina S, and Katie C.  Missing was Steven M and Jeff F. 

FR Family Reunion 191 Kiersten and Christina, the two first born girls with their own first born girls, Caroline and Scout.

IMG_0668-1An attempt to get all the littles in one picture.

FR Family Reunion 192-1 Caroline and Scout had so much fun.

FR Family Reunion 194-1 Nana and Becky, my other mom. Now that I am a mom I can appreciate the support these two amazing women provided for each other.  FR Family Reunion 195-1 Being silly

Friday, August 6, 2010

Fun with our cousins

We arrived home from Duxbury on Friday and were welcomed back into town by our cousins visiting from Georgia.  Kiersten, Caroline, Nicholas and Molly were staying with Nana and Papa for a couple weeks.  On Monday, they came up to Seattle to spend a few nights at our house.  The kids all had so much fun playing together.FR Family Reunion 004-1 Nicholas and Emma playing in the sprinkler. FR Family Reunion 010-1 FR Family Reunion 015-1 Time for popcicles.FR Family Reunion 016-1 FR Family Reunion 021-1 IMG_0558-1  Emma and Molly getting ready for the Seattle Aquarium.IMG_0566-1 IMG_0570-1 You can just see the tops of Molly’s, Nicholas’ and Madi’s heads as they watch the octopus swim through the tunnel over their heads.  I have never seen the giant octopus move around the way it was that day.  Very cool!


Running wild on the pier.

IMG_0601-1 “Hi, so nice to see you”. For some reason the girls love to pretend they are long lost friends who haven’t seen each other in a while.  They will look at each other than run to each other saying “hi, so nice to see you”. Then they hug and run away.  They do this at home and at the park all the time.

IMG_0604-1 Big hug!IMG_0605-1And they’re off…             


We also took them to the sprinkler park in Bellevue for some fun in the sun.  I seemed to have erased those pictures from my camera.  I can’t find them anywhere. :(

On Thursday, we headed down to GH and met Nana, Kiersten, Caroline, Nicholas and Molly at Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium.P8051284-1 Playing with Nana at Point Defiance Zoo.P8051289-1 The three babes catchin’ a ride on the stroller.P8051292-1 Sliding down the big rocks.