Saturday, July 31, 2010

Our Last Days in Duxbury

Here are a few last pictures of our summer trip.

Playing in the rain

IMG_0357-1 IMG_0382-12 On one of our last trips to the beach Lucas, Nora and Paula joined us. Lucas randomly decided to start pouring sand on Madi’s head and she didn’t flinch. She just sat there and actually seemed to enjoy it. Little did we know that Emma would come along with water and proceed to pour that on her head too. IMG_0387-1 IMG_0392-1Emma and BB looking at a book about horses.

A couple nights before we left, the girls were having a rough evening. BB had the great idea of going for a sunset walk along Duxbury bridge. The girls had do much fun running along the bridge in the wind. It was just what they needed.IMG_0395-1 IMG_0455-1 We even went under the bridge to check out the sunset. IMG_0474-1 IMG_0483-1 IMG_0484-1 IMG_0508-1 IMG_0511-1 IMG_0518-1 IMG_0529-1 IMG_0545-1 IMG_0547-1

Goodbye Duxbury.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


I don’t think I have seen a bigger grin on Madi’s face. On Friday we went to the Marshfield Farmer’s Market and the girls got to go on a pony ride. Emma went first and had BB walk close. You can see she is a little nervous. Then it was Madi’s turn. I half expected Madi to back out at the last second, but she climbed up on that pony and just smiled. She smiled so big the entire time.

IMG_0311-1 Here we go… IMG_0328-2 IMG_0346-2 Madi was so happy and confident riding that pony.IMG_0347-1

Friday, July 23, 2010

Another little adventure

On Thursday we took a short little trip to Little Compton, Rhode Island to visit with BB’s cousin Susan and her family. They were renting a house near the beach. The beach was beautiful and the waves were much larger than on Duxbury beach. The girls did great and had a lot of fun jumping off the rocks and playing in the sand. IMG_0222-1 IMG_0235-1 IMG_0257-1 IMG_0299-2

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Make Way for ….

Ducklings Madi and Emma. On Wednesday we went on an adventure with Nana and BB to Boston Gardens to take a ride on the Swan Boats. Daddy reads Make Way for Ducklings to the girls often. They were very excited to see the swan boats and even more excited to see the bronze statues of Mrs. Mallard and her eight ducklings.

IMG_0163-1 IMG_0166-1 IMG_0167-1 IMG_0199-1 IMG_0210-1

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

More days at the beach

We spent Monday and Tuesday at the beach running around in the sun.

IMG_0108-1 A rare picture with mommy.IMG_0115-1Fun in the waves

IMG_0141-1 Madi on the attack

Monday, July 19, 2010

Birthday Fun

I know it has been over a month since I posted. The days on the beach and pouring all of my attention and energy into two three year olds has me a little burnt out.

So here we go…

On July 17th Nana flew in to spend ten days with us. She was with us to celebrate the girls’ third birthday. We didn’t have anything formal planned but had a great day anyway. We spent some time on the beach, opened presents with daddy on Skype and went to a fabulous get together hosted by our friends the Tassells. The girls had a great time, the only thing missing was Daddy.

IMG_9845-1Playing with NanaIMG_9819-1 Chasing BB with their new squirt guns.

IMG_9856-1Skyping with Daddy and Auntie Kendra

IMG_9859-1 Opening presents with Daddy

IMG_9870-1 Blowing out candlesIMG_9885-1 IMG_9909-1YUM July 16-30 388-1

The Tassells were in town from San Diego and rented a great little house on Brant Rock. They hosted a great party with a clown for the kids and lobster for the adults. They thought of everything and it was a great time.

July 16-30 424-1July 16-30 434-1 July 16-30 456-1 July 16-30 472-1 Daisy the clown making animal balloons.July 16-30 489-1 Daisy had the attention of all the kids. July 16-30 495-1 July 16-30 510-1 Putting on some magic for the kids.July 16-30 552-1

Nana reading them a birthday bedtime story in their new jammies from their friend Lucas.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Happy Happy Birthday to my Sweet Little Babies!!!!

Three years ago today Madeline and Emma came into this world to change our lives forever.  It has been an incredible three years that have flown by before my eyes.  It is hard to put into words the joy these two little girls bring into my life.  They are amazing little people to watch grow.

Happy Birthday girls!!!


To my Dearest Darling Madeline,

I can’t believe another year has passed. The time seems to be flying by right before my eyes and with each second you are growing into an incredible little girl. You are my spirited child. Although your spirit can be challenging at times, it is what I love about you. With each facial expression you make or phrase you speak I can see your little mind at work. You often surprise me with your memory, perceptiveness and sense of reasoning. You have an incredible love for music and spend much of your day singing songs you know or making up new ones. You love to read, do puzzles and dance. Your imagination blows me away; creating games and pretend play wherever you are. You are cautious about new situations, often clinging to my side until you are ready. But once you are comfortable you are a natural leader, enthusiastic, and dramatic. You begin to have fun and your energy and laughter are contagious. You love your sister and are her biggest cheerleader. You love to sit on the sidelines and cheer her on before jumping in. I have so much fun watching you play together. You are tenderhearted and love to give hugs and kisses to all your toys and buddies. If we leave lamby in the car, you have to give it hugs and kisses before you get out. You are still my little cuddle bug. You crawl up in my lap as if you were still a newborn. I love it when you ask me to rock you like a baby and you look up at me with your incredible blue eyes, saying “I’m your baby”. You will always be my baby.

I love you with all my heart,


To my Dearest Darling Emma,

It has now been three years that we have been blessed with you in our lives. With each day you grow sweeter and stronger physically and mentally. You still amaze me with your physical ability. You don’t walk anywhere, instead you run, skip and jump. You climb on anything possible and then turn around and jump right off it; all with an expression of happiness and pride. I am still surprised we have not ended up in the ER as you have no fear when it comes to trying anything physical. This year we put you on skis and you loved it, we put you in large swimming pools and you loved it, and we put you in gymnastics and you loved it. You are obsessed with basketball, especially your basketball pajamas. We now have six pairs because it is all you will wear. You have even asked to watch basketball instead of your shows on a number of occasions and often with your daddy. You have an incredible bond with your father. You are the ultimate daddy’s girl and it is amazing to watch. When you get hurt you cry on my shoulder “I need my daddy”. If he is around, you will leap from my arms to his. You still run to the front windows to watch him come home from work. You are still a little happy jack, not much can get you down. You are Madi’s best friend and she is yours. You are extremely thoughtful especially when Madi needs something. You will give up anything to make her happy. When Madi gets in trouble, you take it harder than she does. You don’t like to see her in timeout and will cry until she is done and bring her lamby. Your thoughtfulness and sense of empathy is admirable even at your young age. And I love how happy you are to share hugs and kisses with those you love. I can always count on a kiss from you to brighten my day.

I love you with all my heart,


Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Relaxing Week

After Daddy left on Sunday, we spend Monday at the beach.  We started off on the bay side then headed to the ocean side and played in the sand.  IMG_9388-1 Drawing in the sand with BB.  IMG_9390-1IMG_9397-1Lounging with BB on the beach.IMG_9402-1 Eating “cupcakes”IMG_9409-1 IMG_9411-1Madi’s new hat.  She marched around singing Happy Birthday.

After the beach, the girls had fun running around in the yard naked while playing with the hose.   IMG_9432-1 Madi turned a little devilish with the hose.

Tuesday morning before heading to a friend of a friend’s private beach, the girls started right where they left off the afternoon before.


The beach was a beautiful location, perfect for the little kids.  We didn’t stay long as the girls were tired, but Emma had a great time playing with Zoe.


Showing Zoe how she swims.

Yesterday we had quite a bit of rain but today the weather cleared up a bit.  We took a nice trip up to Scituate for lunch then went to the park.  When we got home Madi and Emma went next door to play with the girls visiting their aunt.  Elle and Maggie were playing lacrosse in the yard and were kind enough to let Madi and Emma crash their fun.  They let the girls play with their lacrosse sticks and run around with them.  They had so much fun. 

IMG_9473-1  IMG_9503[1]A naturalIMG_9509[1]IMG_9460-1Madi playing goalie for ElleIMG_9499-1 IMG_9506-1Trying to throw Elle the ball.

IMG_9488-1   IMG_9510-1 IMG_9521-1 Playing tag with Maggie.

IMG_9532-1Playing tag with Elle.

 IMG_9556-1 IMG_9562-1Hugs and kisses goodbye IMG_9582-1After playing with the big girls, Emma picked some veggies in the garden with BB.  She loves the green beans and peas.  IMG_9569-1

After dinner the girls went back out and ran around with the girls.