Thursday, March 18, 2010

Boys and Bubbles

This morning after gymnastics we headed over to the Boyer’s for an impromptu play date.  The girls were very excited to see Jack and Brody.  They were out running errands and we happened to beat them home.  When I said they weren’t home yet and drove by the house Emma states, “No mama, see Jack and Brody NOW!”  I tried to explain that they weren’t home but the girls wouldn’t have it.  I then suggested that we head to the cupcake store and pick up cupcakes, but even that wasn’t good enough.  They only wanted to see Jack and Brody.  Emma never passes up sweets, so this was quite serious. 

IMG_0246 copy Lunch date, I love the girls’ expressions.  Listening to the boys intently.IMG_0250 copy

After our play date it was nap time and then BUBBLES.

I picked up a new bubble machine at Costco the other day.  The girls have been asking for bubbles but I keep forgetting to buy batteries for the darn thing.  Finally today I was able to scrounge up enough batteries to make it work.  This bubble machine is going to get a lot of use this spring and summer.  Even Papi had to get in on the fun, chasing and biting bubbles.

IMG_0262 copy

IMG_0276 copy If you look closely enough you can see the spray from the bubble that popped on her nose.

*please note the evolution of Madi’s outfit, first we have her white onesie tucked into her underwear.

IMG_0313 copyWaiting for the perfect bubble to catch.IMG_0319 copy

IMG_0336 copy Absolute, pure joy! 

*Now Madi is sporting her monkey pajama pants

IMG_0344 copy

IMG_0386 copy Finally after telling her to put a jacket on every time she said she was cold, she did.  And as you can see she chose her thin, unlined, rain jacket.

IMG_0394 copy And when the rain jacket wasn’t warm enough she had to add mittens and a hat.  So stylish! 

Monday, March 15, 2010

Picking my battles

So it seems the only way to survive 2.5 year old twins is to pick your battles.  Especially when they have such strong opinions like these two girls.  We went shopping today and picked up a couple swim suits for our upcoming trip to Palm Desert.  The girls had a great time deciding which one they each wanted and I had a the job of trying to find two matching sets in the right sizes.  We finally settled on two and headed home.  When we arrived home it was nap time.  The girls decided they wanted to wear their swim suits for their nap; so I decided this was one battle I didn’t have the energy to fight, and there really is no harm in them wearing their swim suits in bed; right? So off they went up stairs sporting their new suits.

IMG_0206 On our way to bed, not the beach.

IMG_0212 Climbing in bedIMG_0213

Ten minutes later they were back in their monkey pajammies. Oiy!!  Did I mention Chad is out of town until Wednesday night. This is going to be a long three days.  I wonder what other battles will arise…stay tuned. 

Saturday, March 13, 2010

I love this girl

Today was one of those days that really tested my patience. Daddy went golfing and the girls threw a temper tantrum approximately every 5 minutes after we got home from the park.  They were in their room for almost three hours but refused to nap.  Then right before daddy got home Madi reminded me of why being their mom is the best thing ever.  My goodness this girl cracks me up.  I heard her playing around with the coats and shoes but didn’t expect her to walk around the corner looking like this…

IMG_0151 copy IMG_0161 copy IMG_0168 copy

Fun with my new toy

While I was at WPPI with Papa, I picked up a new Canon 7D.  I am so excited to learn to use it.  I have a lot to learn but so far I love it.  I took the girls to the park this morning so I could play with it.  I found that it is hard to focus on camera settings when the girls are demanding to be pushed on the swings. I only was able to get a couple shots but it was a great way to spend the sunny morning.

IMG_0105 copy

IMG_0113 copy

Friday, March 12, 2010

While Momma’s away the girls will play

Or should I say “While momma’s away, Nana will lose control”.

Sunday morning I boarded a plane to Las Vegas to help Papa work the WPPI trade show.  Chad, Grammy, and Grampy took the girls to Nana’s so she could watch them while daddy was working during the week.  The girls do so well with Nana.  The are so comfortable there and have already learned that when you are at Nana’s you can eat as many peanut butter and crackers as you want.  Papa is a peanut butter and Ritz cracker snacker so when the girls are there they get to enjoy the delicious snack as well. On Tuesday morning, Nana called me and said, “I have lost control!”  Then went on to ask if it is okay for two year olds to live on peanut butter and crackers and yogurt.  Apparently they only wanted peanut butter and crackers and yogurt for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I also got to talk to the girls for the first time on the phone.  They talk to daddy on the phone all the time but since I am always with them or only away for a couple of hours they have never spoken to me on the phone.  It was a little weird.  You could hear Madi’s voice get sad when she was talking to me which of course made me cry. Then Emma got on with the happiest voice and said, “Hi Momma!!!  Momma working with Papa and Auntie Kengra!?”  She was very happy and secure with the situation which made me feel so blessed. 

Dear Nana,

Thank you Nana for taking such great care of them.  You are a trooper.  The girls are wild and crazy every waking hour of the day.  It is exhausting to keep up with them.  I have a hard time taking care of them when Chad is out of town and they are my own kids, I can only imagine how tired you must have been at the end of each day, being there alone with them.  I do wish I could have been a fly on the wall as you got them in and out of the backseat of the honda, or took them through the grocery store.  It is a circus and I am sure you did it all with grace.  We are so very blessed to have you as our Nana. 

Now on to the few pics Nana was able to take…P3090912 Climbing in the doll house, at bedtime of course. 

P3100917 Standing on the piano keys. 

Just a little taste of the circus that is Madeline and Emma.


Grammy and Grampy

Last Wednesday, Grammy and Grampy Borden came for a visit.  The weather was beautiful and we were able to enjoy the NW.  On Thursday, they came to gymnastics with us and watched the girls run around.  Friday we were able to enjoy the zoo with daddy too.  All the animals were out and ready to give us a show.  We haven’t seen the giraffes out in the fields for a while.  On Saturday, daddy took everyone to lunch and to Gas Works to run around.  I was home sick and trying to pack for my trip to Las Vegas and the girls for their trip to Nana’s.  The time with Grammy and Grampy went too fast.  The girls warmed up to them right away and Madi began bossing them around.  She took Grammy downstairs to sit in the yellow chair and play tea party.  At the zoo, she was the ring master.  Telling us all to run from animal to animal. 

IMG_6381  IMG_6389 copy IMG_6394 copyEmma the climber, trying to climb the tree.

IMG_6397 copyMadi turning around to tell us all to hurry. 

I am waiting to get pictures from Grammy.  I was really bad at taking pictures.