Monday, October 3, 2011

One Month with Baby Ben


Today Ben had his one month check up.  He is doing very well and just keeps growing.  Although full term, he is still a little peanut.

Today’s Stats

8lbs 14.5oz (10%), 20.5in (2%)

More of Baby Ben from the last month….

We have had a great time getting to know our little guy.  He is a very laid back baby, only fussing when he is hungry.  He does a lot of sleeping during the day and we are working on getting him to go longer than 3 hours between feedings at night.  The girls are great with him, love to help, love to hold him and touch him, have to check out all of his new toys, even pick out his clothes.  He doesn’t get much personal space around here.

IMG_1054IMG_1088-3IMG_1101IMG_1097IMG_1109IMG_1157IMG_1143-3IMG_1215IMG_1224IMG_1240IMG_1252IMG_1254IMG_1261IMG_1197IMG_1198IMG_1265IMG_1273IMG_1280IMG_1291IMG_1298IMG_1304IMG_1322IMG_1343IMG_1384IMG_1402IMG_1408IMG_1431 IMG_1436IMG_1437IMG_1442IMG_1468