Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Tuesday afternoon we took off to Suncadia for a couple days.  It is sort of a smaller version of Sun River, OR only about an hour away instead of 6.  The weather was fabulous and hot.  When we got there our room wasn't ready so we headed over to the pool.  The pool set up was perfect and way less crowded than the SHARC in Sun River.  There was a great kiddie pool for Ben to splash around in, a great large pool for everyone to swim and even a couple water slides inside that the girls loved!  Madi would disappear and ride the slides for what seemed like hours.  Ben got so comfortable with the water that he attempted jumping in the big pool all by himself.  Thankfully, I was right there and was able to grab his arm.  Tuesday night Chad took the girls over to the kids' camp and we sat out on the patio of the lodge and enjoyed the view with Ben.  Wednesday we took a little bike ride along the miles and miles of bike trails.  We didn't go miles and miles because it was hot, but we could have.  We had so much fun that on Thursday when it was time to go, we ended up staying a little longer.  At first it was leave at noon, then at 2, then in and hour, and we ended up leaving at 5.  By the time we got home, ordered and ate pizza, it was time for bed and there was no sign of it being the Fourth of July for us.

Such an amazing view of the Cascades.

These two passed out after swimming while we were getting ready for dinner!

Once he figured out the life jacket, this kid turned into a fish.

Chilin' with Dada

Chad took the girls on a morning bike ride.
And they got ice cream before 10:00.

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