Saturday, August 30, 2014

Mr. Awesome is Three!

To My Dearest Darling Son,

Today you turn three and I can believe how fast the last three years have gone! You are are AWESOME, you are sweet and silly and crazy and awesome every minute of every day. I love watching you grow and learn every second of everyday. You love your sisters! You love everything about spending time with them, the good and the bad that they teach you. You love to love Madi and Emma and you love to challenge Madi and Emma. You have brought so much joy to this family, I can't begin to put it into words.

You have a sweetness and confidence about you that no one can match,  You are great company and can talk about everything and anything for hours non stop.  I can't believe how fast you have grown, yet still cherish every second you snuggle with me.  You are a mama's boy and I wouldn't  change a thing.  You like to be strong and independent, yet still love to snuggle and stay close.

I love you my sweet boy, I look forward to everyday I get to spend with you. I look forward to listening to everything you have to say or laugh at or do.  Everyday you are full of life and bring crazy, happy smiles to everyone you meet.

I absolutely love you to the moon and back.  I can't wait to see how much you grow this year, but please don't outgrow me.  You are my boy!

I love you beyond words and beyond hugs,


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